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Canadiens in the playoffs: Habs ready for the Boston Bruins

The Montreal Canadiens aren't buying into Boston's badmouthing. The two teams face off tonight at TD Bank Garden in Boston in Game 1 of the NHL playoffs' second series.

Captain Brian Gionta says he's confident team can take on Bruins brutes Lucic and Chara

Bitter rivals Habs and Bruins face off for 34th time in playoff history. 0:50

"It's natural for me, being here for seven years now [...] You just naturally learn to hate the Montreal Canadiens."

That's Boston Bruins' Milan Lucic. It's no secret the Habs and the Bruins are arch rivals, and the rivalry continues tonight as the two teams face off in the first game of the NHL playoffs' second series.

But as far as the Habs are concerned, the bad blood is one-sided — at least for now.

Habs defenceman Mike Weaver says the team is focusing on topping the Bruins, even if they do have a couple of big guys on the team.

"Lucic, he's a big boy and part of his game is hitting. It's going to be a challenge for everybody here," Weaver says.

The Habs face off against the Bruins at 7:30 p.m. ET Thursday.

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