3 local wines to try in time for Canada Day weekend

A wine expert gives her picks for Canadian wines available at the SAQ ahead of the Canada 150 celebrations.

A wine expert gives her picks for Canadian wines ahead of the Canada 150 celebrations

Wine pouring (Enigma Wines)

Canadian wines don't always have the best reputation internationally, but that's changing, according to one local expert.

Coritha Pierre works with Vins Feminins & Savori, a Montreal company that offers wine tasting and sommelier services.
Coritha Pierre has some suggestions about Quebec and Ontario wines to try this weekend. (CBC)

She says an increasing number of organic and natural wines are being produced in Canada, contributing to the country's expanding wine market.

"You have to give us time, as well, because Europeans have been there since forever," Pierre told CBC Montreal's Daybreak.

In honour of Canada's 150th, Pierre shared a few of her picks for homegrown wines, all of which are available at the SAQ.


Le Cep d'Argent 2015
​Magog, Quebec

Summertime is white wine time for many, and Pierre's local pick is Le Cep d'Argent from the Eastern Townships in Quebec.

It's a "lovely and cheerful" dry white wine with refreshing acidity and fruity notes of green apples and peaches. There's also a floral scent on the nose.


Domaine de Ridge Champs de Florence
​Saint-Armand, Quebec

Pierre says there are notes of beeswax and honey on the nose, and "it's more of a vegetable, green pepper kind of aroma."

Her rosé-picking tip: the lighter the colour, the lighter the body of the wine. Darker rosés will be fuller-bodied.


Domaine Queylus Tradition Pinot Noir 2014
Niagara Peninsula, Ontario

For fans of Old World wines, especially French, Pierre recommends Ontario winemaker Thomas Bachelder's pinot noirs.

This pinot noir can stand the test of time, and do well aging for between three to five years.

"There are more minerals in it, it's more chalky," said Pierre. "So when you make it age, that's where your tannins will be more round and more velvety."