Quebec priest kayaks Houston streets helping flood victims

David Bergeron used his kayak to help people affected by the floods in Houston, as he made his way to his parish on Sunday.

Priest from Granby, Que., helped escort a man to safety with his kayak

Canadian priest kayaks Houston streets to help flood victims

4 years ago
Father David Bergeron has been using his kayak to check up on neighbours and members of his church in Houston after the city was hit with rising floodwaters 4:40

A Quebec priest used his kayak to help people affected by the floods in Houston, as he made his way to his parish on Sunday.

Father David Bergeron, who is originally from Granby, Que., and has been the priest at the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston for the past two years, said he tried to buy some wine for mass at a convenience store but couldn't because alcohol sales are prohibited in Texas before noon on Sunday.

David Bergeron is a priest at the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston. (Companions of the Cross)

He bought some food for a fellow priest instead and as he left the store saw some people in the flooded streets who needed help, including a man he helped escort to safety with his kayak.

"So I was just there beside him to escort him so that he was not swallowed by the currents," Bergeron told CBC News. 

In an interview Monday morning, Bergeron told Quebec AM the water appears to have receded overnight but that many people are still stranded in their homes. 

He said he will do whatever he can to help flood victims, with more rain in the forecast today.

"It is a very dangerous situation," he said.

"This is something that is difficult, but at the same time we have to keep hope."

'Catastrophic and life-threatening'

Harvey made landfall late Friday as a Category 4 hurricane.

People in the path of the storm were advised Monday to continue to shelter in place as "catastrophic and life-threatening" flooding continued in southeast Texas and headed east toward Louisiana, the U.S. National Hurricane Center warned.

Two people walk down a flooded section of Interstate 610 in floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey on Sunday in Houston. (David J. Phillip/Associated Press)

At least two deaths have been blamed on the storm and about 6.8 million people, or one-quarter of the population of Texas, are affected.

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