Cameraman describes chaos outside PQ party shooting

Assigned to cover the Parti Québécois post-election celebration, Martin Bouffard found himself in the middle of a crime scene few people inside the venue knew was unfolding.

Martin Bouffard was assigned to the Parti Québécois victory party after the ballots were counted in Quebec's provincial election Tuesday.

As part of the group of camera operators covering the event, he waited outside for Leader Pauline Marois to arrive and followed her inside the crowded venue for live coverage that was used by television networks.

It was when he was preparing to get in place for Marois's exit that he heard a bang he initially thought was fireworks and ran around the back of the downtown Montreal venue to see flames licking the side of the building.

One of the first members of the media on the scene, Bouffard describes the chaos and confusion taking place outside the venue as Marois was whisked off the stage.