Pizza Pizza launches lawsuit against Brossard over fast-food ban

The city of Brossard is facing off against Pizza Pizza after the city adopted a new bylaw to ban fast-food restaurants in front of a high school.

Zoning change prohibits Pizza Pizza from opening across from Antoine-Brossard High School

Pizza Pizza will be setting up shop across from Antoine-Brossard High School in Brossard (

Pizza Pizza is suing the city of Brossard for banning fast-food restaurants from across from one of its schools.

Brossard city councillor Alexandre Plante said no restaurant owners were opposed to the idea when the city issued a notice of motion in July to ban fast-food chains in front of Antoine-Brossard High School.

Plante said that Pizza Pizza had applied for a permit before the bylaw was adopted, and the town's intentions were clear at the time.

"When we did put forth our notice of motion, we let the intent of the city council be known publicly," Plante said.

He says that the restaurant's legal actions came as a surprise.

"There was no indication that we'd face such a problem," he said.

Quebec's public health association's director-general Lucie Granger hopes a court battle can be avoided.

"I have faith that Pizza Pizza will back off from the legal procedures and accept the will of the elected people of Brossard," Granger said.

Plante said there is one restaurant already operating near the high school that won't be affected by the city's zoning change.

Pizza Pizza declined to comment because, it says, the case is before the courts.


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