Quebec sending auditor to investigate Brossard city hall

Quebec Municipal Affairs Minister Martin Coiteux is sending an auditor to Brossard to assess the way the city is being run.

Brossard city hall focus of scrutiny after scandal involving mayor's wife, reports of officials quitting

Brossard Mayor Paul leduc said in an official news release that there's nothing unusual about the audit and he hopes it will set the record straight. (Radio-Canada)

Quebec Municipal Affairs Minister Martin Coiteux is sending an auditor to Brossard to assess of the way the city is being run.

Auditor Mathieu Jodoin has been given a mandate to "ensure the proper administration of the municipal system," Coiteux explained in a letter to Brossard Mayor Paul Leduc.

The City of Brossard has faced intense media scrutiny lately. In a recent episode, Leduc was on the defensive after it was revealed his wife, Louise Plante, tried to get a job representing an Italian company whose furniture she wanted to use to outfit the mayor's office.

Plante was looking at buying $12,000 worth of the company's furniture when she inquired about representing the company in North America.

Leduc defended his wife's actions, saying they weren't trying to draw any personal advantage from the purchase and that his wife did not go on to represent the company.

There have also been reports of members of the mayor's caucus and a number of bureaucrats quitting.

In an official city news release Thursday, Leduc said his administration is "the victim of a negative campaign just when the city is thriving."

He called the media reports "biased, based on incomplete facts" and said he welcomes Jodoin's visit in order to set the record straight.

"It will allow the people of Brossard to get real information," Leduc said.

The statement also said the audit is a standard follow-up to a previous audit conducted by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to ensure its recommendations are being followed.

"We welcome with satisfaction the ministry's visit," Leduc said.

With files from Radio-Canada