Long-awaited Bixi now in Lachine—and 4 more Montreal boroughs

A sure sign of spring in Montreal is the return of Bixi stands on its streets. And this year five more Montreal boroughs are getting the bike share program. 

Residents in Lachine had lobbied for the bike share program for years

Bixi is now in five more Montreal boroughs: Lachine, Anjou, Saint-Laurent, Montreal North, Saint-Leonard. This stand on 19th Avenue is one of five new stands in Lachine. (Kate McKenna/CBC News)

One of the sure signs of spring in Montreal is the return of Bixi stands on its streets. And this year five more Montreal boroughs now have the bike share program.

Lachine is one of them, after residents there had been asking for years for Bixi to come to the area, known for its scenic bikepath. There was even a Facebook page lobbying for the program. 

"It's very exciting," said Borough Mayor Maja Vodanovic. "I feel that we're connected now to the rest of Montreal."

Bixi has also expanded to Anjou, Saint-Laurent, Montreal North and Saint-Leonard. The expansion includes 1,000 new bikes in circulation. 

Five stands were installed in Lachine. Vodanovic says so far three quarters of the bikes on the stands are usually gone. 

"One is right next to my office so I see they're getting used and I check," she said, laughing.

Vodanovic, who is a member of Projet Montréal, says she vowed in her electoral campaign to push for Bixi in Lachine. 

"It happened faster than we were expecting," she said. "I never thought people would be this happy to have Bixi."

With files from Kate McKenna


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