Trick-or-treaters accidentally given bipolar meds at Quebec store

Some children in Quebec City got an unintended Halloween trick — that police said wasn't dangerous — when bipolar medication was accidentally mixed into a candy basket at a local grocery store.

Police say prescription drugs in individual blister packs made way into candy bowl

Children were accidentally given bipolar medication while trick-or-treating at a Quebec City grocery store. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP)


  • Police say bipolar medication found, was not ingested by children

Some children in Quebec City got an unintended Halloween trick — that police said wasn't dangerous — when bipolar medication was accidentally mixed into a candy basket at a local grocery store. 

Const. Melissa Cliche of Quebec City police said a customer had ordered the prescription for her son at the store's pharmacy counter and then dropped it on the way out.

Another client found the medication on the floor and put it on the counter, next to a candy basket. "So, unfortunately, we don't know how, an employee just mixed it with the candy by accident and distributed it to the kids," Cliche said.

Seven pills, each wrapped in an individual blister package, were given to trick-or-treating children.

Police said the pills aren't dangerous, but if ingested they could produce minor side effects such as trembling, nausea and drowsiness.


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