Former national ski coach Bertrand Charest released from prison pending appeal outcome

Charest has appealed all 37 counts for which he was convicted, as well as his sentence of 12 years in prison, arguing the Crown itself has conceded 20 of the counts against him should be thrown out.

Charest argued Crown's concession that 20 of 37 counts should be thrown out affects validity of his sentence

Bertrand Charest was convicted in June 2017 of sexually abusing a string of female athletes between 1991 and 1998, while he was a national ski coach. (Radio-Canada)

Former national ski coach Bertrand Charest has been released from prison, pending the outcome of his appeal.

Two years ago, Charest was found guilty of 37 sex-related charges against nine former athletes, including some who were minors at the time of the offences.

Charest appealed his conviction on all 37 counts, as well as his 12-year prison term.

On March 13, he appeared before Quebec Court of Appeal Justice Martin Vauclair, asking to be released while his appeal is heard.

Charest argued that there had been a "significant change in circumstances" — namely that the Crown conceded that 20 of the 37 counts he was convicted of needed to be thrown out.

He argued the Crown's concession should have an impact on the validity of his conviction and the length of his sentence.