No charges against police in case of Île–Bizard man who died during intervention

Police won't be charged following the death of a Montreal man in March 2017, Quebec's Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions announced Friday.

Parents say they have lost all confidence in justice system

Koray Kevin Celik was 28 years old when he died after a police intervention at his family's home in Île–Bizard. (CBC)

The parents of a Montreal man who died during a police intervention two years ago say they have "lost all confidence" in Quebec's justice system after learning that Quebec Crown prosecutors won't lay any charges.

Koray Kevin Celik was pronounced dead in hospital in the early morning of March 6, 2017, after police responded to a call for assistance at the Île–Bizard home where he lived with his parents and siblings. He was 28 years old.

Friday's announcement from Quebec's Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) comes after an investigation conducted by the province's Bureau of independent investigations (BEI), the agency that investigates any case in which a person is injured or killed during a police operation.

Cesur and June Celik say they have lost all confidence in Quebec's justice system. (Valeria Cori-Manocchio/CBC)

"We're devastated," Cesur Celik, Koray's father, said Friday. "We lost all our confidence in these types of organizations that are supposed to protect citizens and are supposed to be impartial."

Cesur and his wife, June, are suing the BEI over its report on the issue, saying it gave a one-sided account of the 2017 events. Cesur said the DPCP report is similarly "totally fabricated."

"There's no mention of beating of an unarmed man, when his arms are tied behind and he's lying on the floor," Cesur said. "He's under arrest and they never stopped beating him until he gave his last breath. These are lies, fabrications."

On that night in 2017, Cesur and June had called police for assistance, saying their son was intoxicated and in crisis. At around 2 a.m., four officers arrived.

According to a statement from the DPCP, Koray Kevin Celik was aggressive towards police, and officers eventually brought him to the ground.

Family and friends of Koray Kevin Celik gathered outside the police station in Pierrefonds last year to bring attention to his case. (CBC)

They realized he was unconscious and tried to revive him at the scene. Celik died in hospital.

The DPCP said Friday the final autopsy report indicates the death is attributable to cardio-respiratory arrest caused by intoxication.

It also said the force the officers used that night was justified under Article 25 of the Criminal Code, which allows police officers to use force on "reasonable grounds."

"In this case, the intervention was legal and was based primarily on the duty imposed on the police to ensure the safety of persons," the DPCP said in its statement.

"Moreover, the force used by the police was not likely to cause serious injury or death."

Cesur and June Celik said they plan to discuss next steps, including a potential civil lawsuit, with their lawyer.