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Steve Rukavina is a journalist with CBC Montreal.

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Why Quebec's law designed to crack down on illegal Airbnbs isn't working

Just before the pandemic the Quebec government strengthened its law designed to crack down on unlicensed Airbnbs.  It didn’t work.  Experts say there’s a pretty simple solution, but the province isn’t interested.

Quebec City man on hook for $1K after 'Kafkaesque' small claims court saga

Jonathan Laferriere's legal ordeal began when he sold a condo in 2018. He was sued for $4,000 without ever having been informed about the legal action against him. The decision has been overturned, but he's still being asked to pay interest and legal fees.

Some part-time nurses in Montreal quitting as forced workload increase takes effect

A measure in the collective agreement signed between the CAQ government and the nurses union that was supposed to improve nurses' working conditions has now driven some to quit.

Quebec nurses who study part-time feel stung by workload increase

As the CAQ government touts its new health care plan's improved working conditions for nurses, some younger nurses who go to school part-time say they may leave the public system, because they're being forced to double their hours

Montreal mother felt intimidated after Eaton Centre security guards ask her to stop breastfeeding

Isabelle Côté was nursing her four-month-old son Saturday on a bench at the Montreal Eaton Centre when security guards asked her to stop, saying it was an "intimate act" she couldn't perform in public. Mall management has since apologized, but mothers are planning a "nurse-in" just the same.

Montreal's beleaguered REM de l'Est project on hold as environmental review hearings delayed

BAPE hearings were supposed to begin this spring for Montreal's $10-billion light rail project, but promoter CDPQ Infra has now asked for a postponement, saying it's seeking "clarity" on the city of Montreal's concerns about the project.

Part-time nurses in Quebec feel betrayed by new contract forcing them to double workload

Last fall Quebec signed a new contract with its nurses, which was designed to reduce forced overtime and address staff shortages. But some part-time nurses say they're victims of the new contract, which will soon force them to double their workload.

Family of woman found dead on floor of Montreal ER still waiting for answers 1 year later

A year ago Sunday, Candida Macarine was found dead in a hospital room that staff had warned managers about. Her family only found out what happened to her when they saw a CBC story about it. A year later, they are still awaiting answers.

Tapping into pandemic rage, upstart Quebec Conservative Party leader surges in the polls

Éric Duhaime’s Conservative Party of Quebec is rising in the polls and gaining new members, largely by opposing public-health restrictions.  People who know him say he’s a keen political operator, but they wonder whether he can maintain that momentum until the fall election.

François Legault says Trudeau's invoking of Emergencies Act 'not necessary' in Quebec

Quebec Premier Francois Legault says he understands why the federal Emergencies Act might be useful in other parts of the country, but he feels applying the measure in Quebec right now would be divisive