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Steve Rukavina has been with CBC News in Montreal since 2002. In 2019, he won a RTDNA award for continuing coverage of sexual misconduct allegations at Concordia University. He's also a co-creator of the podcast, Montreapolis. Before working in Montreal he worked as a reporter for CBC in Regina and Saskatoon. You can reach him at

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Canada suspends deportation of Quebec mother and her 3 kids after UN intervention

The federal government has suspended the deportation of a mother and her three children living in Trois-Rivières, Que., shortly after the United Nations Human Rights Committee asked it to.

Why is this CAQ minister so determined to draft an abortion law nobody wants?

Women's health and legal experts applaud the intentions of Quebec's minister responsible for the status of women, Martine Biron, who wants to enshrine abortion rights in law, but such a law risks doing more harm than good.

Bodies of 2 Innu babies to be exhumed in first for Quebec's new law

A court has ruled the bodies of two Innu babies who died of whooping cough in hospital in 1970 can be exhumed so their families can confirm their identities and mourn them properly. Their parents weren't allowed to be with them when they died.

Quebec ramps up French language requirements for immigrants

The Coalition Avenir Québec government is also prepared to welcome more than 50,000 immigrants per year, a scenario the premier previously said could contribute to the decline of the French language and "threaten social cohesion."

Quebec judge awards $25K to Inuk woman 'forgotten' by youth protection authorities

Judge says child, now a young woman, was "forgotten by the system responsible for protecting her," and that there are likely several other children in the same situation.

Black man handcuffed while getting into his own car suing Montreal police for $125K

Brice Dossa was wrongfully arrested and handcuffed by police officers who didn't identify themselves. Then they couldn't find the keys to uncuff him. Dossa is now suing Montreal police and the two officers for $125,000.

Haitian community group's program helps hundreds of Montreal children stay out of youth protection

After hearing from several Montreal parents having problems with Quebec's youth protection authorities, a Haitian community group stepped in to help.

More deaths at Quebec residential schools than previously reported, investigation reveals

Using archival photographs, unpublished reports, and eyewitness testimony, Radio-Canada has uncovered evidence suggesting there were likely dozens more deaths at Quebec Indian residential schools than the 38 officially reported.

Quebec labour shortage creates headaches for people who need adapted vehicles

Teri Lee Walters, who uses a wheelchair, is also the primary caregiver for her ailing mother. Walters needs an adapted vehicle now, but Quebec’s labour shortage is causing delays for a provincial subsidy program.

She unlisted her condo on Airbnb when Quebec changed its law. She still got fined $3,750

Ashley Werhun's story highlights ongoing confusion about the rules for Airbnb hosts in Quebec that has left many fuming after paying thousands in fines.