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Comedian Rodney Ramsey starts his French standup career with 'Wronglais'

Sonali Karnick speaks with Montreal comedian Rodney Ramsey, who has a successful career in English. He talks about finally taking the leap to build up his confidence to speak French by doing a whole standup routine in French alongside other performers venturing in the language for the first time.

Montreal director Darryl A. Aljo explores parental pressure in doc Foreign Legacies

A new documentary explores the parental pressure that first-generation Montrealers can face as they choose a career. We speak with filmmaker Darryl A. Aljo, a first-generation Filipino Montrealer, about his documentary Foreign Legacies.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of West Island presents Ribfest charity event

It's the last day for Ribfest, the biggest fundraiser for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the West Island. We speak to interim executive director Valentino Pietrantonio about where proceeds go and how the needs of the community have changed.

Montreal celebrates 15th edition of Haitian Book Day at Centre N A Rive

Actress, poet and activist Maguy Métellus talks about the significance of the literary festival that celebrates Haitian authors and shares details on some of the events taking place at the Centre N A Rive in Montreal.

Bestselling author Kathy Reichs releases The Bone Hacker

Kathy Reichs talks about the inspiration for her twenty-second novel The Bone Hacker. She also discusses her career as forensic anthropologist in Montreal and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mongolian throat singer Anand Avirmed performs and educates at Montreal's Orientalys festival

Anand Avirmed, 22, from Washington D.C., is a practitioner of an ancient art: Mongolian throat singing. He's bringing that art to Montreal this weekend at the Orientalys festival, both on the stage and teaching anyone who wants to try it. He spoke with Sonali Karnick about how he learned Mongolian throat singing and why it resonates with him.

Beijing opera to be staged at Montreal's Orientalys festival

A centuries-old Chinese performing art will be on full display at Montreal’s Old Port next week. The troupe, Jingju Quebec, is performing a selection of scenes from Beijing opera, also known as Peking opera. We spoke with two of the performers from Jingju, Yin Bai and Yuhong Li.

Inuktitut app lets speakers type and text more easily in the language

Thomassie Mangiok built his own app so he could text his daughter in Inuktitut after finding keyboard applications too frustrating. He's also director for the Nuvviti School, in the town of Ivujivik. We spoke with him about the app and other projects that are helping his community.

Melissa Mollen Dupuis releases illustrated book Nutshimit: In the Woods

We hear about Nutshimit: In the Woods, a new illustrated book by Innu author Melissa Mollen Dupuis. It explores the natural world in English and Innu-aimun, with playful illustrations that work for both adults and kids.

Montreal Tigers CEO on GT20 season and the future of cricket in Quebec

Mudasser Akbar, CEO of the Montreal Tigers, talks about the format of the professional cricket league and why the season is concentrated into a three-week tournament. He also shares his thoughts on the level of interest and talent in Canada and Quebec's increasingly competitive cricket scene.