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Vitriol in Val d'Or: How homelessness and petty crime have reignited racial tensions

Many of the residents of Val d'Or, Que., say they feel unsafe in the small city and blame the homeless population. For those who work with First Nations people in the area, the language used is unacceptable and will do nothing to help the community heal.

Bill 96: Quebec public servants to rely on 'good faith' of people seeking service in any language but French

With Quebec's new law to protect the French language poised to come into effect June 1, the government has sent provincial agencies a list of criteria clients must meet in order to be served in a language other than French.

To fight or not to fight? Disagreement on Quebec Major Junior Hockey League ban

A fighting ban will be in place in Quebec Major Junior Hockey League as of June. Some former players disagree with the new rule and say it could do more harm than good.

Heartbroken families of 7 killed in Old Montreal fire search for answers

Seven people were killed after a fire ripped through an Old Montreal heritage building on March 16. With the police investigation ongoing and a public inquiry to come, the families of those killed are looking for answers. 

Prior to going up in flames, Old Montreal building was considered 'fire trap' by worried renters

People who stayed at the building where a fire broke out last week in Old Montreal say they had safety concerns. “I have to imagine everyone living there thought at some point, 'man, if there’s a fire, I’m a goner,'” one former tenant said.

Black man handcuffed after car Montreal police thought was stolen ended up being his

Brice Dossa, a Black man living in Montreal, said he was "humiliated" and discriminated against after police officers handcuffed him for the theft of a car that ended up being his, and then didn't have the key to uncuff him. Montreal police say they're opening an administrative investigation.

Montreal's famed Rocky Horror Picture Show Ball cancelled after cast members allege exploitation

It’s a staple of Montreal’s Halloween celebrations, but this year, the city’s beloved Rocky Horror Picture Show Ball is cancelled. The show won’t go on, over what’s being described as the exploitation of “the free labour of LGBTQ2S+ folks.”

Nunavik's 1st permanent skate park provides tumbles, laughs, outlet for kids

A new skate park in Inukjuak, Que., has become the daily highlight for children after school. Caroline Gleason, the teacher who spearheaded the project, now says she wants to build a skate park in every community in Nunavik.

Booed in Beauceville: False Facebook post highlights Quebec election online misinformation

It was a simple screengrab of a text message saying François Legault was booed out of a restaurant in Beauceville, posted to a popular Facebook group and shared thousands of times. Except it didn’t happen.

In Inukjuak, Que., voting seems futile for community members who feel ignored and forgotten

There’s anger in Inukjuak, one of the villages in Quebec’s Nunavik region, and disappointment. Why pay attention to the provincial election, especially when history proves their needs won’t be met, community members say.