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The Québécois accents threw this Mexican immigrant for a loop, so he went back to language school

Eduardo Márquez knew if he wanted to make a life for himself in Montreal, he had to fully embrace learning both English and French.

Multilingualism 'a gift' for this Montreal family

Quebec Premier François Legault says the language spoken at home is one indicator of the state of French in Quebec. What language(s) are Montrealers speaking with their family?

Bee shortage threatens Quebec's cranberry industry

Cranberry farmer Luc Decubber has finally found enough honey bees to pollinate his vines this year. It wasn't a simple feat, he said, and it's one he worries could become even harder to achieve in years to come.

How McGill University is using wastewater testing to get a handle on COVID-19 outbreaks

Since September, McGill University in Montreal has been testing wastewater coming from student residences to get a better estimate of the scale of the pandemic on campus and to help administrators adjust measures based on results.

'It was difficult just to breathe': Quebec man details escape from war-torn Ukraine

Last Thursday, Eliezer Sherbatov awoke to the sound of bombings from his hotel in Druzhkivka. The Israeli-Canadian professional ice hockey player decided to escape the country, and in facing terrifying hurdles, says Canada needs to step up its aid to those fleeing war.

They're known for having sheltered Edward Snowden. Now settled in Montreal, this family looks to the future

It's been four months since the family that helped shelter whistleblower Edward Snowden in Hong Kong arrived in Montreal after Canada granted them asylum. Now, they're embracing the frosty weather and their new life.

$75,000-worth of t-shirts gifted to Montreal health care workers derided as 'absurd' and 'insulting'

Some employees at the CIUSSS du Nord-de-l'Île-de-Montréal are angry after being gifted t-shirts for Christmas, calling it a waste of money and a sign of disrespect for their work.

One Montrealer's quest to tackle food insecurity for those with celiac disease

With food prices rising, and more and more Canadians turning to food banks for help, those who also have dietary restrictions or allergies are struggling to get meals on the table. One Montrealer is trying to change that.

Canada is unlocking its maple syrup vault. Here's what it looks like

Welcome to the world's only maple syrup emergency reserve where, for 21 years, Quebec producers have been stockpiling gallons of the so-called "liquid gold."

There's a new mayor in Hampstead, and tenants say it's thanks to them

A group of tenants in apartment buildings along Côte Saint-Luc Road in Hampstead are convinced, they tipped the scales in the election that ousted long-time mayor William Steinberg.