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Sarah Leavitt is a journalist with CBC Montreal.

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Black Community Resource Center live stream and chat inundated with racist slurs

It was meant to be a discussion on employment for members of Montreal’s Black community. Instead, the meeting was briefly hijacked by random people filling the chat with the N-word and swearing in Spanish on the live feed.

Woman with dementia accidentally given Pfizer vaccine after receiving Moderna dose: daughter

The regional health authority for the eastern part of the Montreal island says it is investigating the incident at CHSLD Joseph-François-Perrault, but experts say receiving the two different vaccines is no reason to panic.

Late-night beer runs on hold under Quebec's curfew, to dismay of depanneur owners

Depanneurs are the saving grace for a lot of Quebecers grabbing last-minute pickups, but under the new curfew, owners say their most lucrative hours are being taken away.

Pleas to follow public health rules, from Quebecers who know what happens when you don't

These Quebec women know first-hand what can happen when those around you catch the disease. They're pleading with others to obey public-health restrictions over the holidays.

West Island Black Community Association reeling after Zoom meeting hijacked by people yelling the N-word

Meant to be a safe space for some of Montreal's Black community and allies, the West Island Black Community Association is reeling after having their annual general meeting hijacked by unknown people shouting the N-word.

'Grinches of the Boulevard' steal Christmas trees along St-Laurent

The St-Laurent business association wanted to bring holiday cheer to the street by setting up Christmas trees along the boulevard. Now a grinch has stolen seven of them.

'Crappy half-dead' poinsettia from grocery store just won't stop growing

In one of the best cases of return on investment, Mike Doehl turned a $5 poinsettia bought at a Montreal store three years ago into a looming giant.

Drivers stranded on Highway 13 during 2017 snowstorm to finally receive their compensation

Almost four years after a massive snowstorm and a jack-knifed track-trailor left thousands of drivers stranded on Highway 13, compensation between $400 and $1,400 is headed their way. Audio recordings from provincial police dispatchers obtained by Radio-Canada reveal just how scared and worried drivers were that night.

Daughter of 90-year-old left without answers, says CLSC-referred house cleaner refuses to wear mask

A Montreal-area woman says she’s having a tough time getting any answers after she says an employee at a CLSC-referred cleaning company has consistently refused to wear a mask while cleaning her 90-year-old mother’s home.

Why two Americans, one pro-Biden and one pro-Trump, are voting for the first time after decades in Canada

Two American women who call Canada home say the upcoming U.S. election is more important than ever, so for the first time since moving here decades ago, they sent in absentee ballots — one for Joe Biden, the other for Donald Trump.