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Sabrina Marandola is the host of Let's Go, CBC Montreal's afternoon radio show. Follow her on Twitter at @SMarandola and Instagram @sabrina.marandola.

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How barefoot training and natural shoes could restore foot health

Gregory Stern is physiotherapist of From the Ground Up Physiotherapy. He’s also the creator of a mobility and strength program that gets to the root cause of pain.

Tips on how to make your fruits and vegetables last longer

Have you bought a pack of strawberries, but three or four days later, they turned bad? Not ideal when you’re trying to save money and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Let's Go host Sabrina Marandola speaks with Dan Brisebois, who manages Tourne-Sol, a co-operative farm just west of Montreal.

Montreal jazz legend Oliver Jones plays Bon Pasteur Fazioli concert grand piano

When Oliver Esmonde-White, the man who's cared for the Fazioli for 28 years, invited CBC's Let's Go team to visit the piano, which survived a fire in a historic building just weeks before, they never imagined it would sound the way it did — nor that they'd meet several iconic musicians.

Habs fan puts together positive comments for new draft pick facing online attacks

Patricia Néron wanted to spread a positive message of welcome to a new draft pick, David Reinbacher, after he received negative comments about his appointment.

This app helps you identify mystery plants — and your findings can help scientists

By uploading a simple picture to iNaturalist, you can identify a plant while also contributing to crowd-sourced biodiversity data, which can be used by scientists. Horticulturist and botanist Celia Aceae explains how the app works and why it's so beneficial.

Montreal-based Cree singer-songwriter Siibii is taking the music world by storm

Siibii, Innu from the Cree Nation of Mistissini, will be performing on some big stages across Quebec this summer. Most recently, they made their debut in cinematic music for the new movie, Bones of Crows. They join Let's Go host Sabrina Marandola for more about their journey.

STM and Montreal police launch campaign against street harrassment

It's called "Street harassment: stop it. Witnesses, take action." Over the next five weeks, you'll see billboards across the city, including in Metros and on buses. Let's Go host Sabrina Marandola speaks with Marie-Claude Léonard, CEO of the STM, for more details.

Montreal nurse working to break down language barriers for patients

Let's Go host Sabrina Marandola speaks with Sylvie Lambert, a professor at McGill’s Ingram School of Nursing, who is leading a project at St. Mary's Research Centre to improve communication between allophone patients and health-care providers.

Doctor answers your questions about ticks and Lyme disease

Where can ticks be found? How prevalent are cases of Lyme disease? What are the symptoms? Dr. Sabrina Polletta answers your questions.

New immigration program aims to help ease labour shortage

The federal program targets skilled immigrants who have experience working in health care, transportation, agriculture, and trades, such as carpentry and plumbing. Let's Go host Sabrina Marandola is joined by Dory Jade, CEO of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants.