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Rowan Kennedy is a journalist at CBC Montreal.

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Montreal's Chinese community demands answers after man killed by police

Ronny Kay, 38, was commemorated at a rally Sunday as his family and community called for more information about the circumstances that led to his death.

Former employees of Montreal video game studio outraged about how they were laid off

Former employees of Ludia say workers who were being kept on received invitations to a morning meeting where they were informed their jobs had been spared. Those who were not invited heard they had lost their jobs through word of mouth.

Montreal woman scammed out of almost $10K in taxi debit fraud

A Montreal woman is sounding the alarm after a taxi driver stole her debit card and bilked her out of almost $10,000. The Canadian Bankers Association says taxi scams like this are on the rise and suggests ways to avoid becoming a victim.

Bone analysis provides window into lives of Montreal's Irish potato famine migrants

Fractures, bacterial infections, chronic diseases, and signs of malnutrition provide a window into the lives of Irish migrants in the mid 1800s, said bio-archaeologist Marine Puech at Boucherville lab Ethnoscop.

How a Montreal restaurant kept its staff through the pandemic and what it might mean for the industry's future

Montreal restaurants are reopening their terrasses for outdoor eating but many are scrambling to find the staff to cook and serve an eager clientele. One establishment managed to hold onto its people and says its approach could work for the industry as a whole.

Renovicted in Verdun: New borough rules on apartment combinations don't extend to triplexes

A Verdun tenant has to pack up and find a new apartment in a new neighbourhood. His landlord is taking over his space, which is legal despite a new bylaw passed by Verdun to protect tenants. The bylaw does not extend to triplexes, like the one Quinten Sheriff has to leave.

A remarkable feat: Montreal sock drive hits new record

Barry Christensen was hoping to gather 3,000 pairs of socks to donate to a local charity. He has raised much, much more than that.