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Roberto Rocha is a data journalist with CBC/Radio-Canada.

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Provinces that acted faster had more success limiting spread of COVID-19, data suggests

As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to hit many parts of the country, provinces that were quick to act with strict containment measures have been more successful in limiting the spread, a CBC News analysis suggests.

Tracking the second wave: Your guide to Quebec's latest COVID-19 data

The latest figures on the COVID-19 outbreak, explained.
CBC Investigates

1,500 flights and rising as Canadians seek sunny escapes despite surging COVID-19 crisis

Thousands of Canadians are thumbing their noses at government advice to stay home and hopping international flights to sunny destinations even as the COVID-19 crisis worsens. Canadian air carriers operated more than 1,500 flights between Canada and 18 popular vacation spots since Oct. 1.

Toronto drivers speeding near schools 21% of the time, city data reveals

Around 21 per cent of vehicles tracked by radar in Toronto school zones have exceeded the speed limit since 2018, a CBC News analysis of city data reveals. On some roads, the overall rate of speeding was as high as 85 per cent. 

We looked at every confirmed COVID-19 case in Canada. Here's what we found

CBC News has dug deep into the data on over 120,000 COVID-19 cases collected by the Public Health Agency of Canada to examine how the illness affects the young, the elderly, men and women in order to better understand what's most likely to land you in hospital — or worse.

For many Quebec teachers, unanswered questions punctuate an already uncertain time

Many Quebec teachers, already anxious about their own health and that of their students, also feel that they are heading back into the classroom without answers to basic questions.

Hundreds of Quebec teachers express confusion, anxiety and dissatisfaction with government as schools reopen

Nearly 2,000 teachers, principals and other education workers in public schools filled out a questionnaire circulated last week by CBC Montreal and Radio-Canada. Their responses indicate deep-seated concerns about their personal safety and confusion about government guidelines.

The second wave is coming. Here's what public health experts say we should expect

We asked dozens of physicians, epidemiologists and public health experts what to expect from a second wave of COVID-19 infections. Most said the severity of a second wave will depend on what infection-control measures governments put in place and whether or not people adhere to public health guidelines.

Return of sailor with white supremacist past sparks protest in navy

Members of a Canadian Forces Naval Reserve base in Calgary say they're upset at how the Armed Forces readmitted a sailor identified by CBC News as the former administrator of a neo-Nazi forum.
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How Montreal's health experts are dealing with the risks of daily life

Health experts in Montreal — including ER doctors, epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists — are getting haircuts again and hanging out with friends, but many say it will take a vaccine before they feel safe going to a large wedding or playing a sport like hockey.