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Roberto Rocha is a data journalist with CBC/Radio-Canada.

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CBC Investigates

Numbers suggest many American protest convoy donors also gave to Trump, Republicans

Out of 200 of the top American donors to the convoy protest that paralyzed downtown Ottawa and blocked parts of the Canada-U.S. border, half have names matching those of donors to Republican candidates, the Republican Party or former U.S. President Donald Trump, according to analysis by CBC News.
CBC Investigates

Hacked convoy data shows more than half of donations came from U.S.

Although Canadians gave more money than Americans, more than half of the donations to the convoy protest made through the crowdfunding website GiveSendGo came from the United States, an analysis of hacked data from the site reveals.

Large number of donations to support convoy came from aliases, unnamed donors

At least a third of the donations to the GoFundMe campaign set up to support the convoy of trucks headed to Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates came from anonymous sources or were attributed to fake names, according to an analysis by CBC News.

The pandemic is changing how restaurants do business — and it might be for good

The pandemic heralding big changes to the dining experience, such as smaller restaurants, dedicated takeout counters and a shift toward snazzier experiences to lure back indoor diners. Some of those changes might be permanent.

How Valérie Plante beat Denis Coderre to be re-elected mayor of Montreal, in one map

This interactive map shows how the two rivals performed in the Nov. 7 mayoral election and the one in 2017.
Data Analysis

How sports and recreation facilities are unequally spread across Montreal

Sports and recreation facilities are supposed to be accessible to everyone. But an analysis by CBC News shows they are more readily available in higher-income boroughs in Montreal.
Data Analysis

In cities, money doesn't grow on trees, but more trees grow near money

A CBC News analysis shows the higher the median income of a neighbourhood in Montreal, the more extensive the tree cover. In other Canadian cities and beyond, researchers are tracking similar dynamics between green space and socioeconomic status, and looking for solutions to address the imbalance.

How tracking ethnicity and occupation data is helping fight COVID-19

CBC News compared the COVID-19 data published by every province and region. Only a handful publish details on race, income, occupation and neighbourhood-specific breakdowns of infections and vaccinations — information that health officials and community leaders say helps them intervene quickly in hotspots. 

Rise of COVID-19 variants overlooked as provinces loosened restrictions, data shows

When several provinces eased restrictions, reacting to a downward curve in overall COVID-19 cases, a rising arc of more-infectious variants was already on a trajectory to thrust Canada into a third wave of infections, a CBC News data analysis reveals.

Deaths, hospitalizations dropping among oldest Canadians as COVID-19 vaccinations ramp up

After a sluggish start, Canada's vaccination efforts are starting to pay off, with COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths among the oldest Canadians now dropping at a faster rate than in younger adults who are less likely to be vaccinated yet, according to a CBC News analysis.