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CBC Montreal radio producer

Rebecca Ugolini is a born-and-raised Montrealer who loves covering the city. Follow her on Twitter at @RebeccaUgolini.

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Creator of Brown Divas Dolls wants to foster self-esteem in young children

Blainville-area entrepreneur Clara D. Lewis started Brown Divas Dolls because she says it's still difficult to find high-quality black dolls in some stores. The dolls are also inspired by her own story with her natural hair.

Some Westmount dog owners worried about 'dust clouds' in King George Park

Some pet owners who use the dog run in King George Park in Westmount say the sandy surface is causing dogs and humans to cough, and are asking the City to make changes to the area.

Could CBD oil from the cannabis family be the next big thing for pets?

Some pet owners in Montreal say CBD oil is helping their pets cope with pain and anxiety. But with no Health Canada-approved CBD medications on the market right now, what are pet owners and veterinarians to make of the phenomenon?

How can we make Montreal nightlife safer?

As part of CBC Montreal's series Close Up on Gender, learn about how some Montreal bars and clubs are hiring or training special staff to look out for non-consensual behaviour on the dancefloor, in a bid to prevent sexual harassment and increase safety.

Chinese Montrealer explores family's journey to Canada, struggle to belong

Hing Dere is just 11 years old in the black-and-white photo taken for his 1921 Canadian immigration documents, his innocent face in stark contrast to the difficult times that lay ahead.

Public transit-loving band sings about buses, brawls and the rockabilly spirit

STM Getaway pens love letters to Montreal's many bus routes, with rockabilly-inspired songs that replace hot-rods with hybrid buses.

Rolling into Halloween: Montreal initiative outfits kids in wheelchairs with custom costumes

A new Montreal-based project called Rolloween creates costumes for children who use wheelchairs.

Jungle gyms for adults pop up around Montreal

You may have seen them: sets of pull-up bars, benches for jumps and monkey bars, cropping up in parks around Montreal.

Meet the people saving stray cats in Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension

Stray cats may seem like a part of city life, but every spring, their numbers multiply, and many of them die. Now an SPCA program to sterilize and care for stray cats has come to Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension.

Trash2Treasure aims to rescue students' cast-offs from McGill Ghetto sidewalks

It's the same every May: couches, desks and bookshelves litter sidewalks and alleyways as McGill students abandon their possessions in the end-of-year move. Now a group is trying to change that.