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Nancy Wood is a veteran reporter and the host of Montreal News at 11.

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Mayor Plante says anti-mask protesters showed disrespect to victims of COVID-19

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante says anti-mask protesters showed a lack of respect to victims of pandemic with their march last Saturday.

After CAQ victory, Liberals have a chance to seize Quebec's political centre

With the new Coalition Avenir Québec government promising right-of-centre policies include smaller government and fewer immigrants, the Liberals have a shining opportunity before them to reclaim Quebec's political centre.

Parti Québécois faces tough call as PKP signals he's ready for comeback

Pierre Karl Péladeau's comments that he is "ready to serve" if the sovereignist cause needs him have likely ignited hope in some desperate members of the faltering PQ. PQ Leader Jean-François Lisée says he's welcome. But Lisée would do well to be wary.

Jean-François Lisée's leadership review tests reason vs. passion for Parti Québécois

The first order of business at this weekend's PQ policy convention is a confidence vote in the party leader. As Nancy Wood sees it, whether they like Jean-François Lisée's go-slow approach to sovereignty or not, Péquistes would be crazy to eject him.

Quebec's constitutional gambit: What's the point?

The Premier of Quebec wants to start talking Constitution again. Here's what's at stake.

Justin Trudeau's language 'misstep' in Sherbrooke could have political fallout

Justin Trudeau's town hall meeting in Sherbrooke Tuesday was to be a chance to reconnect with voters. His decision to reply to an English speaker's question in French lit a fire under defenders of anglophone rights which could have political consequences for him.

Gilles Duceppe defeated, BQ falls short of achieving party status

The Bloc Québécois more than doubled the seats it had in 2011, but it wasn’t enough to make the night a success.

Tom Mulcair challenged over niqab, pipelines on Tout le monde en parle

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair had to grin and bear it during an appearance on Radio-Canada's Tout le monde en parle Sunday, when the host of the popular program noted the word niqab is worth about as many points in Scrabble as it has cost the NDP in support in Quebec.

Final leaders' debate could be a game changer in volatile Quebec

The NDP is sinking in the polls, particularly in Quebec, where it has been hit hard over its support for the niqab at citizenship ceremonies. The final leaders' debate, on the French-language TVA network, could be make or break time for each of three main parties vying to win on Oct. 19.

To fix Canada's infrastructure, billions are just drops in the bucket

Over the years, governments at all levels have been reluctant to take on debt and to run deficits in order to put money into projects that sometimes take years, if not decades to complete. But it hasn’t always been this way.