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Quebec duck farm says it must kill 150,000 birds, lay off 300 staff due to bird flu

A week after a case of avian flu was detected in one of its breeding facilities, a duck farm in Quebec's Eastern Townships says it has to slaughter 150,000 birds and lay off hundreds of staff members.

Christian Quebecers welcome return of Way of the Cross procession

After two years of pandemic disruptions, Christians marked Good Friday with the return their traditional procession through the streets of Old Montreal. This is the first Easter churches have been allowed to host full-capacity in-person events since the pandemic began.

Quebec's English colleges say they are being targeted by government for their success

A representative of the province's college system says Bill 96 is an attempt to find "a simple solution to a complex problem.''

Study estimates Quebec recorded up to 32,000 new daily COVID-19 infections last week

The exact case counts presented in the study, which looked at the period from March 24-29, are difficult to confirm, but the tendency toward higher case numbers could have an impact on the province's already strained health network, experts say.

Long road to recovery for Quebec's cultural sector after COVID-19 shutdowns

Logistical hurdles await the cultural sector as they prepare to reopen on Feb. 7. After two years enduring the pandemic, music venue directors say many musicians have left the scene in search of more stable employment.

Quebec restaurant and bar owners mull reopening in defiance of health orders

Bar and restaurant owners say they are so fed up with the government's slowness to provide aid and last-minute announcements to close down that some are considering reopening Jan. 30 even if the Quebec does not permit it.

Poll suggests support for Bill 21 provision may have dropped in Quebec

A new poll suggests support may have slipped for a key element of Quebec's secularism law, known as Bill 21.

Quebec looks beyond hydroelectricity as last planned megaproject set to wrap

Hydro-Québec has acknowledged that the Romaine-4 hydroelectric project could be the last major dam project for the foreseeable future.

Polytechnique anniversary comes as Quebec mourns spate of domestic violence killings

Quebec has experienced a spate of homicides targeting women since the beginning of 2021, with an unofficial count putting the number at 18.

Quebec won't expand COVID-19 booster shots to those under 70 just yet: premier

Premier François Legault says Quebec has no plans at this time to follow Ontario's lead and offer third doses of COVID vaccine to those under the age of 70.