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Montreal to spend nearly $200M on snow removal as winter costs rise across Canada

Earlier in November, Mayor Valerie Plante cited the rising cost of snow removal — up 100 per cent year over year in some boroughs — as one of the reasons she had to increase property taxes by an average of 4.9 per cent in 2024.

22% of construction cones in downtown Montreal are 'useless': report

A survey of a downtown quadrant, spanning five blocks by three, recorded 501 cones, 111 of them unnecessary, the Chamber of Commerce reported.

Canadian skating coach Richard Gauthier given 12 months for sexual assault

A renowned Canadian pairs skating coach has been sentenced to 12 months in jail for sexual assault and gross indecency. Richard Gauthier was found guilty in January of two charges dating back to the 1980s involving a teenage male skater whom he trained.

Montreal man killed by Hamas in attack on Israel remembered as a hero at funeral

Alexandre Look, 33, was among the more than 260 people who were killed while attending a musical festival near the border between Israel and Gaza.

Montreal's social intervention squad grapples with rising need, lack of shelter space

Members of the city's mobile mediation and social intervention team, or EMMIS, say it's getting harder to fulfill a key part of their mandate — helping people find space in a shelter or get specialized health care. Often there aren't any places available.

Quebec coroner faults police response in case of 2 girls killed by father in 2020

In a report released Tuesday, Luc Malouin said the 2020 search for Romy and Norah Carpentier was marked by numerous delays by police decision-makers who failed to fully grasp the urgency of the situation.

Town of Clova busy as ever after Quebec premier said it was burning down

Far from gone, the hamlet is bustling — filled with out-of-town forestry workers helping to harvest some of the burned wood as quickly as possible before it deteriorates from dryness and insects.

Oceanographers say warming waters in the Gulf of St. Lawrence affecting animal life

From great white sharks around Quebec's Îles-de-la-Madeleine to lobsters conquering new territory, oceanographers say the warming of the Gulf of St. Lawrence is having an impact on the creatures that live in its unique ecosystem.

Montreal researchers join international study of rare disease Friedreich's ataxia

Dr. Massimo Pandolfo of the Montreal Neurological Institute said patients who volunteer for the observational study, which involves taking a lengthy MRI, some blood tests and a physical examination, will help researchers better understand the disease and help guide the development of therapies.

Months after closure of Quebec's Roxham Road, more asylum seekers arriving by air

The closure of a rural southern Quebec road used by thousands of asylum seekers to enter Canada from the United States hasn't stopped would-be refugees from arriving, federal data shows.