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Montreal biologist resolves Darwin's unanswered question: Why do some ants become soldiers?

Confident though he was about his theory of evolution, Charles Darwin wondered why, within a single colony of ants, some became super-sized soldiers while most remained wee workers. A McGill researcher discovered the answer lies in a pair of wings.

'Its hooves came within 6 inches of my eyes,' Quebec senior says of terrifying encounter with ox

Laura Chouinard's encounter with the runaway ox had her gripped by fear. But in the midst of the battle she resolved, "I am not going to die today."

Gather ye round yon table, for eating with family keeps kids trim and tranquil

Montreal researcher finds family meals offer enduring benefits to children.

A new version of Old Quebec is in the works — in China

A consortium of Chinese real estate investors wants to build a new township near Shanghai that replicates Old Quebec. It approached the Montreal urban design firm, WAA Montréal, to come up with a plan.

How a Quebecer became the Kremlin's official chocolatier in Putin's Russia

"It's a long story," begins Dave Munger, a native of Larouche, a village in Quebec’s Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean region, when asked how he ended up as the Russian government’s official supplier of chocolate.

What kind of monster are you? Ask Montreal's scholar of spook

Jean-Charles Ray, whose doctoral thesis examines monsters in novels and video games, says there are only four kinds of monsters in literature.

Can zapping your brain be beneficial?

Transcranial direct current stimulation, known as "brain zapping," is enjoying a wave of popularity, but experts aren't sure it's safe.
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Inside one Montreal bakery's nightly toil for daily bread

What does it take to make a baguette before breakfast? A night of mixing, kneading, rolling and baking, all conducted like a symphony by a baker who began learning the craft as a child.