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Melinda Dalton is a digital journalist at CBC Montreal.

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How risky is returning to routine in Montreal right now?

We were locked down for months, and now all of a sudden, everything is opening up again. So is it really OK to go to the gym or the beach?

Why can't you skate on the Lachine Canal?

It's right there, it's icy and it looks like it's perfect for ice skating. So why can't we lace up our skates and commute to work on the canal?

What happened to the Montreal harbour ice shove?

They were surreal sights: mountains of ice, some as high as several storeys, pummeling Montreal's Old Port. For Montrealers in the 19th century, the ice shove was both a spectacle and a real and present danger.

Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette says comments on 'drugged' medevac passengers were 'misinterpreted'

"If there is something I am not, it is a racist," said Gaétan Barrette, adding he's sorry if people "misinterpreted" remarks about the likelihood of having to bar parents "under the influence" from accompanying children on medevac flights from the north.

Massage therapy self-regulation doesn't go far enough to protect Quebecers, federation says

Despite decades of calls for provincial regulation from within the industry, massage therapy remains largely a patchwork of minimum requirements and codes of conduct and the profession is entirely self-regulating.

Cadets hit Montreal streets to take over light-changing duties

For years, Montrealers paid millions in overtime for police officers to keep traffic moving at construction sites. As we head into one of the busiest construction seasons the city has ever seen, cadets will be doing traffic-cop duty at more intersections.

Montreal doctor suspended for excusing students from class without proper medical checkup

Dr. Raymond Rezaie has been fined $10,000 and will lose his licence for six months for writing notes excusing CEGEP students from school and prescribing them medication for depression or anxiety without thoroughly examining them first.

Former SNC-Lavalin executive charged in illegal political donations scheme

Normand Morin, a former vice-president of SNC-Lavalin, has been charged with soliciting illegal campaign donations from the firm's employees and reimbursing them from company coffers.

CAQ immigration plan sets 3-year deadline on learning French, passing values test

Leader François Legault says ensuring more people "integrate" into Quebec's cultural and labour force will be good for the province, but other parties are critical of the plan.

Massage therapist's 'happy endings' incident spurs federation to take action

One of the federations representing Quebec’s massage therapists is putting additional supports in place for victims of sexual misconduct in the wake of a Montreal therapist's story about a client’s inappropriate behaviour and a police officer’s insistence that the encounter was “part of the business.”