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Melinda Dalton is a digital journalist at CBC Montreal.

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How risky is returning to routine in Montreal right now?

We were locked down for months, and now all of a sudden, everything is opening up again. So is it really OK to go to the gym or the beach?

Why can't you skate on the Lachine Canal?

It's right there, it's icy and it looks like it's perfect for ice skating. So why can't we lace up our skates and commute to work on the canal?

What happened to the Montreal harbour ice shove?

They were surreal sights: mountains of ice, some as high as several storeys, pummeling Montreal's Old Port. For Montrealers in the 19th century, the ice shove was both a spectacle and a real and present danger.

Former SNC-Lavalin executive charged in illegal political donations scheme

Normand Morin, a former vice-president of SNC-Lavalin, has been charged with soliciting illegal campaign donations from the firm's employees and reimbursing them from company coffers.

Police officer tells massage therapist 'happy endings' are 'part of the business'

A West Island certified massage therapist is urging Montreal police to examine how they handle complaints of unwanted sexual behaviour after an officer seemed to try to dissuade her from filing a report and repeatedly told her to not be "emotional."

Quebec City mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette says he's ashamed of his 'senseless act'

Alexandre Bissonnette, the man who stormed a Quebec City mosque in January 2017, killing six and critically injuring five, says he has changed his plea to guilty because he is deeply sorry for the pain he caused and is ashamed of his actions.

Why P.K. Subban became one of Montreal's most beloved adopted sons

In a city used to seeing its beloved stars move on to other franchises, this trade felt noticeably different. What was it that so endeared Subban to Habs fans and the larger community in Montreal?

Montreal's neighbourhoods get into spirit of 375th birthday

More than 100 projects rooted in all of Montreal's 19 boroughs will be part of the party when the city officially celebrates its 375th birthday in 2017.

Quebec school board reassures parents after reports of Karla Homolka living among them

A school and school board south of Montreal are trying to calm concerns from parents after media reported convicted killer Karla Homolka and her family are living in the community.

Calèche horse collides with car in Griffintown

Mimi, the calèche horse that collided with a car today, wasn’t seriously injured but will remain stabled for two weeks as a precaution.