Marisa Coulton

Intern, CBC Montreal

Marisa Coulton is a journalist and digital communications specialist. She enjoys writing on climate, migration, trade, and other cross-border issues, and has worked for The Economist and Maclean's magazine in a freelance capacity. She is a graduate of Columbia University where she completed a dual Master of Journalism and International Public Affairs.

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2022 Black Changemakers

Working to support youth at home and abroad

For as long as she can remember, Frontier College's Mélanie Valcin has been passionate about improving communities by promoting literacy, encouraging educational advancement and empowering young people.
2022 Black Changemakers

This community paper connects and empowers Black Montrealers

"We have so many positive stories in our community that [are] not told," says Montreal Black community activist Gemma Raeburn-Baynes. The Contact, a biweekly newspaper and online resource, has been telling those stories for decades.

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Montreal's Open Door has helped former prisoners adapt to life on the onside for more than 20 years. Now members have put together a book chronicling their stories.

Why some Quebec towns are welcoming Mike Ward's tiny shelters — and why advocates for homeless people object

When Montreal turned down the comedian's offer to donate 25 "tiny homes" as temporary winter shelters for homeless people in the city, two smaller cities stepped up. It's no "miracle solution," said Victoriaville's mayor. Others say it's no solution at all.

Working from home is a nightmare for some Quebecers, a blessing for others

For many people, the office has been a room, or a corner, in their home since March 2020. After almost two years, it's becoming clear that some people are thriving and others are having trouble dealing with its challenges.