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CBC Quebec's travelling journalist

Based in Quebec City, Marika travels across the province telling the stories of people who live and work in la belle province for CBC Radio One and

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What needs to be fixed in Quebec's daycare system

Quebec's daycare system is hailed as model and while it has allowed more women to join the workforce, its popularity has led to a shortage of spaces. As the province looks to address the problems, here is a breakdown of the issues.

Trying to get child-care system back on track, Quebec invests in home daycares

Quebec's CAQ government promised thousands of subsidized daycare spaces and now is betting that the fastest way to do that is to improve the working conditions in daycares run out of private homes.

Years without daycare: Shortage on Magdalen Islands threatens community growth

Families in the English-speaking community of Grosse-Île, Que., are stuck driving nearly three hours a day for daycare.

Dedicated staff felt overwhelmed on all levels by COVID outbreak at CHSLD: Quebec coroner hears

A coroner investigating deaths at Quebec long-term care homes during the pandemic focused this week on an institution in Shawinigan. The CHSLD Laflèche lost 44 residents to COVID.

Staff at Manoir Liverpool watched man choke to death, testimony at coroner's inquest reveals

A coroner's inquest into long-term care homes in Quebec focused this past week on the Manoir Liverpool in Lévis, and more specifically on the death of one man, Jacques Levesque.

From Aleppo to Quebec City: Syrian refugees' kitchen co-op makes a home in provincial capital

Three years ago, Fatima Milaji couldn't speak a word of French. Now she chats easily with customers, thanks in part to a French tutor who spends time in the kitchen while Milaji and other Syrian women who came to Quebec as refugees cook.

Dairy producers say new transportation rules mean they will have to kill calves

Starting in February, young calves must make it from farm to farm in 12 hours unless given food, water and rest.

Paradise in the forest, except for the traffic jams: The pros and cons of life in lower Laurentians

Saint-Colomban in the lower Laurentians is among the fastest-growing communities in Quebec, with a population that's more than doubled since 2002. But its infrastructure is sorely lacking.

Quilted comfort for cancer patients sewn by dedicated volunteers

A group of volunteers have been gathering for years to create these tangible signs of care.

Mosque shooting victim finds solace in writing poetry as he struggles to heal

Saïd Akjour has filled notebooks with his poems, in Arabic and French, in the two years since he was shot in the shoulder in the Quebec mosque attack on Jan. 29, 2017.