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Leah Hendry is an investigative reporter with CBC in Montreal. She specializes in health and social issues. She has previously worked as a reporter for CBC in Vancouver and Winnipeg. You can email story ideas or tips to montrealinvestigates@cbc.ca.

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Hope for student refunds dries up after lawsuit attempt dismissed

Since January 2022, hundreds of international students have fought to get their tuition money back after M College, CDE College and CCSQ College closed and filed for creditor protection. Eighteen months later, the avenues for compensation have all but dried up.
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He thought he was helping his bank stop a thief. It was all a scam

Retired school teacher Shabetai Shattah thought he was helping his bank stop a thief. It was all a scam: one that saw him walked through several complex steps to hand over his money to people he never saw.

Pointe-Claire woman feels U.K. company took advantage of her desperation during Quebec ice storm

Like many Quebecers, Deborah Fairchild scrambled to find an electrician during last month's ice storm. She finally found one online and was told the dispatch fee would be $60. She expected to pay a premium for an emergency call but nothing as high as was billed.

STM to revitalize aging mall as part of blue line extension

The Saint-Léonard Le Boulevard shopping centre was supposed to close at the end of 2021 when it was expropriated to make way for the blue line Metro extension. But the STM says the mall will remain open during construction and it is trying to make it attractive to retailers and customers.

Quebec, Ottawa could be sued for failing to act on private colleges that left students sidelined

A Montreal law firm is seeking the power to sue Quebec’s Ministry of Higher Education and Immigration Canada for millions of dollars in damages on behalf of more than 500 international students.

In wake of Jesuits' revelations, survivors stress 'this cannot continue to happen'

The release of a list by the Jesuits of Canada of priests accused of sexually abusing minors has prompted survivors to come forward with their own stories. 

Pepper sprayings are on the rise in Montreal's Metro system

Whether it be a prank, a settling of accounts or an act of self-defence, any time the capsaicin-based repellent is discharged, it means evacuating the trains and clearing the stations until the air is clear.
CBC Investigates

Quebec police face more than 100 racial profiling complaints a year. Few result in discipline

A review of five years of data shows police officers accused of racial profiling in Quebec rarely face any consequences.
CBC Investigates

Was your car stolen? It may have left Canada through the Port of Montreal

Vehicle thefts spiked in 2022, and police say many of them are being shipped abroad. Experts say those thefts are being used to finance further criminal activity, from arms dealing to human smuggling.

A hospital in northern Quebec could cut down on the long journey to Montreal for medical travel

If a patient in Nunavik requires specialized medical care, they have to get on a plane and travel more than 1,400 kilometres to Montreal. But a new regional hospital proposed in Kuujjuaq, Que., could help keep some patients closer to home.