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Leah Hendry is a TV, radio and online journalist with CBC Montreal Investigates. Contact her via our confidential tipline: 514-597-5155 or on email at montrealinvestigates@cbc.ca.

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The emotional toll of the COVID-19 battle inside Laval's ICU

Life in Cité-de-la-Santé's ICU unit has been rough for staff and COVID-19 patients. CBC Montreal had an exclusive look at what they have been going through.

Inside the ER in Laval, Que., one of the worst hit cities in Canada

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, Laval's Cité-de-la-Santé hospital gave CBC News exclusive access inside the ER to see how it works and the precautions it has put in place to keep everyone safe.

Anxious patients await surgery, but the COVID-19 backlog won't be 'easily overcome in the next year'

The province recently gave hospitals the green light to resume surgeries. That's good news for thousands of Quebecers on waiting lists. But digging into the backlog requires COVID-19 hospitalizations to remain low. That may be a tall order.

Cancer that went undetected during the pandemic an 'impending disaster,' specialists warn

Treating cancer patients has been difficult during the pandemic, but specialists may soon face an even bigger challenge: a wave of people at a more advanced stage of disease, because they went undiagnosed or faced screening delays.

Doctors conducting 'dry runs' to decide who gets access to critical care if hospitals exceed capacity

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, doctors in Quebec and Ontario are conducting what one physician called "dry runs" and using triage guidelines to prepare for the possibility that they may have to decide who gets access to life-saving treatment when the demand exceeds capacity.

Months after Canadian Grand Prix cancelled, ticket holders still waiting for refunds

The Grand Prix Formula 1 race in Montreal that's normally held every June was postponed, then cancelled, because of the global pandemic. Months later, many ticketholders are complaining that they have not yet received refunds.

Improved testing seen as crucial stopgap while Quebec awaits wider vaccine rollout

Systematic testing could help pinpoint hot spots in places such as schools or workplaces, especially after the Christmas break, when many people will perhaps have ignored the pleas to avoid gathering.
CBC Investigates

Quebec revises rules for who gets intensive care treatment if resources are limited

When a triage protocol was first drafted last spring, there was a list of exclusion criteria to help doctors rule out patients. People who had had a heart attack or stroke, patients with severe cognitive disabilities and advanced neuromuscular disease would not get treatment. Now, the rules have been revised.
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Montreal students left in limbo, with thousands of dollars on the line, after college suspends classes

When the pandemic hit last spring, Montreal Technical College closed down, like most schools in Quebec. But unlike other schools, it did not offer online learning until last month, leaving many students worried about their future and the thousands of dollars in tuition they paid.

Catholics angered, saddened by Montreal Church's mishandling of abusive priest

The report by a retired judge into abusive priest Brian Boucher found a lack of accountability and a "culture of secrecy" within the Catholic Church in Montreal. People who tried in vain to warn the church about Boucher now say they don't know if the church can be trusted with the next steps.