Laurene Jardin

Laurène Jardin is a journalist working with CBC Montreal's afternoon show, Homerun.

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78 days of unrest and an unresolved land claim hundreds of years in the making

Here's a look back at the key events of the standoff between Kanesatake Mohawks and police and the Canadian military in the summer of 1990 that still shapes the relationship between Indigenous peoples and Canada.

Montreal students bring big ideas to national science fair

A 15-year-old Montreal student is headed to France for an international science fair competition on Monday, with a rolled up, plastic-wrapped poster board in tow.

Wild turkey chases members, wreaks havoc at Île-Bizard golf course

As members at the Elm Ridge Country Club in Île-Bizard head out to the course they may be hoping for a birdie, but one bird they might not expect to see is a turkey — especially a wild one.

String theory + a capella = A Montrealer's formula for online fame

Montrealer Tim Blais, better known as A Capella Science, defies all stereotypes of what it means to be a physicist.

New stamping ground for postage artifacts at McGill University

"Every Stamp, a Story," a new exhibit at McGill University, showcases all kinds of postal-related paraphernalia, some of it dating 4,000 years.
Point of View

The elation and heartbreak of being a non-Olympian in an Olympic family

It's difficult to explain the feelings of being a non-Olympian in an Olympic family. The self-pity, self-doubt and envy definitely exist. But ultimately those emotions are pushed out of the way when seeing a person you love fight for success.

2 Montreal Airbnb hosts allegedly robbed by same renter

Two Montreal Airbnb hosts who happen to be cousins say they were robbed within less than two days of each other by the same Airbnb renter.

Montreal family persuades Cinéma Guzzo to change admission policy for babies

Cinéma Guzzo is backing down somewhat on a policy to charge all children, including infants, the same price for a movie ticket, after a Montreal family spoke up.

What the 2016 Rio Olympics mean to the parents of Team Canada athletes

The road to Rio is a long one for athletes. But, the lengthy training sessions, costly equipment, constant travelling and strict nutrition plan don't only affect our Olympians. It's a journey for their parents too.

Turkish-Montrealer coping with relative's death after Istanbul attack

If her plane from Istanbul to Iskenderun had been delayed, Candice Sag could have been one of the bombing victims.