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Laura Marchand is a web and radio journalist with CBC Montreal. Follow her on Twitter at @Marchand_L.

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Insufficient watering killed 60 % of trees in Montreal borough initiative

More than half of the trees planted in Montréal-Nord as part of a green initiative since 2013 have died because of insufficient watering, the city's auditor general is reporting.

When you still need to wear a mask: Quebec's new rules explained

Since last Saturday, Quebecers no longer have to wear a mask in most indoor spaces across the province. It was the last province to drop its mandate. Here's what you need to know.

More people are living in Quebec's Laurentians, but its health-care system can't keep up

Municipalities and doctors say that as the population of the Laurentians has grown, the funding for the area's health care system hasn't kept up, leaving residents in the lurch.

'It didn't make sense': nurse told police Herron was 'deserted' even after health authority stepped in

A June 2020 recording of a police interview with a nurse was evidence at the coroner’s inquiry into deaths in seniors’ residences during the pandemic’s first wave but was not made public.

After Pope's apology, Quebec First Nations call for concrete action from Catholic Church

While First Nations representatives from Quebec say they were 'astonished' to hear the apology, they say there also needs to be an apology on Canadian soil and real commitments to reconciliation.

Legal experts say Quebec 'secret trial' violates fundamental principles of justice

The case, known as 'Dossier X,' has bewildered Quebec's legal community. It only came to light after the defendant, a police informant, appealed the guilty verdict to the Quebec Court of Appeal.

Quebec to end mandatory overtime for nurses, pay family doctors per patient, leaked document shows

According to a 90-page document obtained by Radio-Canada, the Legault government is planning to revamp the health-care system by 2025, including ending the way it pays general practitioners, recruiting more foreign nurses, more clerks and making better use of nurse practitioners.

How do I get my $500? Your Quebec budget questions answered

As the cost of rent, groceries and gas climbs in the province, the big question for many is: what's in the 2022 budget for me? Here's a breakdown of the budget highlights, starting with the big news: a $500 payout for roughly 6.4 million people.  

From housing to health care, what to expect in Quebec's budget

Finance Minister Eric Girard says it will be a "prudent" budget that will also help Quebecers weather the high cost of living. But what else is coming? Here are four key things to watch for.

Cost of living is high. Should Quebec's budget give out cash to help?

As inflation rises and Quebecers tighten their belts, many are calling for the government to intervene. But experts say the government should think twice before handing out cheques.