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Kate McKenna is a journalist with CBC Montreal. Email her at kate.mckenna@cbc.ca.

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Montreal calls a new housing bylaw 'the most powerful in North America' but critics say it'll drive up costs

A new Montreal bylaw proposed and passed by Valérie Plante’s administration could reshape the way housing development works in the city, but not everyone is happy about it.

Quebec's proposed language law shakes English CEGEPs

CEGEP is traditionally seen as a time for young Quebecers to broaden their horizons. But Quebec's English colleges and francophone high school students say the provincial government's proposed language reforms threaten to block their way forward.

Quebec seeks to change Canadian Constitution, make sweeping changes to language laws with new bill

The Quebec government has tabled a bill that seeks to change the Canadian Constitution to include a specific clause reiterating the Quebec nation's French-language rights. The proposed legislation comes after a number of studies found that the French language is in decline in the province.

Neighbourhood groups call for inquiry into 'scandalous' development at old Montreal Children's Hospital

The proposed 174 social housing units that made the highrise development acceptable to some community members are now off the table and also the subject of an acrimonious court battle.  

Multiple WE Charity donors raised money for same borehole well in Kenyan village

Three groups donated tens of thousands of dollars each in 2013 to WE Charity, then known as Free the Children, for what turned out to be the same well in a village in Kenya, contributing total amounts that far exceeded the cost of the project and raise questions about what the charity did with the extra money that was collected.

MP joins former donor in calling for RCMP investigation into WE Charity following testimony

A former WE Charity donor is calling for the RCMP and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to investigate the charity's finances after learning a Kenyan school he was told he funded bore a plaque with the name of another donor.

Don't show a photo of David Suzuki: How WE Charity tried to keep its donors happy

A decision to remove an image of David Suzuki from programming for WE Days illustrated a larger problem at WE Charity, former employees told CBC’s The Fifth Estate. A great deal of attention was paid to finding, keeping and making sure donors and sponsors were happy.

Kielburger brothers say WE Charity controversy left them 'political roadkill'

The co-founders of WE Charity say they now regret the organization's decision to invite prominent politicians — including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — to their events.

For single Quebecers, a solitary Thanksgiving is the lockdown's first big hurdle

About a third of Quebecers live in single-occupancy homes and will only be allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving with, at most, one other person.

Yes, the haziness in the Quebec sky is smoke from the West Coast wildfires

Smoke from the massive, raging wildfires on the West Coast has blown more than 4,600 kilometres east, giving the Quebec sky a milky, hazy appearance.