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Kamila Hinkson is a journalist at CBC Montreal. Follow her on Twitter at @kamilahinkson.

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A speed skating oval in Montreal is one step closer to reality

In November, the city revealed it has set aside $20 million as part of its 10-year capital works program to build a permanent speed skating oval, news that is being welcomed by a group that has been advocating for one to be built at Angrignon Park.

Sexual assault victims need more help navigating justice system, report says

Following consultations with sexual assault survivors and community groups, an expert committee is recommending victims be given all the tools and support they need to report crimes, denounce their attackers, and survive the outcome.

Quebec to start COVID-19 vaccinations next week, health minister says

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé said by next Monday, the province should receive four boxes of the Pfizer vaccine, which will allow for 2,000 people at two long-term care homes to be vaccinated. Quebec is prioritizing residents of long-term care homes and health-care workers in its vaccination plan.

Quebec cancels plan to allow Christmas gatherings as COVID-19 surges

Quebec Premier François Legault has backtracked on his plan to allow gatherings over the Christmas holiday period after a rise in cases, hospitalizations and deaths. 

After delivering more than 10,000 babies, a beloved Montreal obstetrician prepares to step back

Last week, Dr. Alice Benjamin, an obstetrician at the Royal Victoria Hospital for more than 40 years, was named an officer of the Order of Canada. She follows women with high-risk pregnancies, and many of her patients adore her.

Montreal's pandemic budget aims to give citizens, businesses a break

The city budget aims to help businesses get back on their feet and give Montrealers a break on property taxes as well as public transit fares, thanks in large part to financial help from the Quebec government.

It's time for Quebecers to start thinking about how to get through the winter, expert says

Thanks to COVID-19, being inside now comes with a level of risk many of us have never before had to consider. There is no getting around it: this winter is going to be, at the very least, a challenge.

McGill promises to hire more Black professors, but the statue of its founder will stay

Heading into its 200th year, McGill is promising to strengthen its relationship with the Black community in the city, hire more Black professors and recruit more Black students. But the statue of James McGill, a slave owner, will stay for now.

Laval girls baseball team cries foul after dispute with local league

Les Tornades de Laval were told to prove they could play at the peewee A level by playing an exhibition game. They tied their opponent — but were still relegated to B.

Quebec students will be heading back to school this fall

Education Minister Jean-François Roberge has unveiled his plan to reopen schools, which has been rubber-stamped by public health officials due to the decline of COVID-19 cases in recent weeks.