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Quebec Conservative Party platform features 5 themes, but many issues left out

The Quebec Conservative Party's platform, unveiled during an event on Sunday, is silent on many topics including relations between Quebec and Ottawa, access to justice, minority and Indigenous rights, the fight against domestic violence and youth protection services.

Quebec lost almost $1B on COVID-19 protective equipment: auditor general

The province's auditor general says Quebec should have acted faster to procure equipment, noting that the first bulk purchases were made on March 22, 2020, despite the fact the first infection in the province was detected on Feb. 27 of that year.

Quebec's anti-corruption squad considers rebrand

The head of Quebec's anti-corruption squad says he still believes there's a need for his police unit but feels it may be time to rebrand to help salvage its reputation.

Legault tells party's youth wing Quebec voters elected a nationalist party

Legault told party members that voters who elected the Coalition Avenir Quebec in 2018 voted for a nationalist party that would defend the province's French language and values.

Quebec premier heads to Hollywood to talk carbon and business

Legault's four-day California mission concludes Wednesday in Sacramento, when he will meet with Gov. Gavin Newsom to discuss their partnership aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which is currently threatened by Donald Trump's government.

In François Legault's CAQ caucus, men outearn women

Of 75 MNAs, 65 of them — 42 men and 23 women — have extra functions that earn them a boost in pay.

'We will not be dictated to': Legault warns as Ottawa threatens Quebec over health care

The Quebec premier's strong words were in reaction to news that Federal Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor threatened the province last summer over its tolerance of private health care services.

Quebec MNAs expose sexual misconduct at National Assembly in anonymous survey

Almost two-thirds of those who agreed to fill out the survey said they had experienced one or more forms of sexual misconduct as they carried out their duties as politicians.

Quebec plans to reopen constitutional debate, launch coast-to-coast discussion

Canada's Constitution has become a taboo topic among members of the political class in recent years — but it appears that's about to change.

Quebec advisory group not recommending pit bull ban

For all the talk about banning pit bulls in Quebec, an advisory panel convened to look into the fate of those dogs doesn't appear to be biting on a controversial call to prohibit them.