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Jay Turnbull is a journalist at CBC Montreal. He can reached at jay.turnbull@cbc.ca.

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Candiac, Que., goalkeeper sacrifices World Cup dream, cheers on Team Canada from afar

Maxime Crépeau, a Candiac, Que., native, looks back on the injury that helped secure a MLS championship for Los Angeles FC at the expense of his spot at the World Cup.

Families of Team Canada players get ready to cheer on loved ones at World Cup

Just eight years ago, Canada’s men’s team sat 122nd in FIFA standings. Now, 26 Canadians are about to live out their childhood dreams. Those who helped get them to where they are today, well, they’re part of the dream, too.  

After a brief revival, Canada's national summer sport of lacrosse nixed for 2025 Canada Summer Games

After years of being excluded, lacrosse finally made it back to Canada's Summer Games in 2022 in Niagara. Nine provinces sent teams and girls competed for the first time. But now, games organizers say other more popular sports have lacrosse out of contention.

Canada set to make waves at FIFA U-17 Soccer World Cup — with 4 Quebecers named to team

Four Quebec teens will take part in the 7th edition of the U-17 World Cup, featuring some of the best female teenagers on the planet.

Women's collegiate hockey in Quebec dealt blow as school's storied program put on pause

The news came as a blow to the young women who play elite hockey for Saint-Laurent CEGEP in Montreal: their program is being shut down. While it may be revived in a few years, that is too late for most of them, who now wonder where they will play.

A mother's plea for help amid teenage violence in Montreal

The mother of 16-year-old Jannai Dopwell-Bailey, who was stabbed outside his high school in October, says she and her family are still struggling to get therapy to process their grief. 

Toxic culture pervaded Montreal high school basketball program where coaches charged, students say

Students who attended École secondaire Saint-Laurent say they were subjected to name-calling, manipulation and emotional abuse prior to the arrest of three coaches earlier this month.

With patience and respect, Montreal doctor convinced vaccine-hesitant co-worker to get her shots

Worried about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, Montreal patient attendant Monique Dupriez turned to her co-worker Dr. Ingrid Marchand for advice, but the process wasn't fast or easy. Even once she'd been persuaded, it took Dupriez a month to take the leap and actually be inoculated.

They want to work, but thousands of asylum seekers are waiting on the sidelines

Asylum seekers can normally begin working within weeks of arriving in Canada. But the pandemic has slowed the process to a trickle — forcing potential employees to be stuck at home.

Why a patch of woods has become a key issue in Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac mayoral race

Finally, after months of delays, the citizens of Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac will have their chance to elect a new mayor on Oct. 4 and all three candidates are stumping on the promise to preserve a popular green space on the edge of town.