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Jaela Bernstien is a Montreal-based journalist who covers stories about climate change and human rights for CBC News. She has a decade of experience and files regularly for web, radio and TV. She won a CAJ award as part of a team investigating black-market labour in Quebec. You can reach her at jaela.bernstien@cbc.ca

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Should you wear a mask? Advice for navigating a mask-optional Canada

General mask mandates have been lifted in every province, yet many health authorities still recommend wearing them in public indoor settings. Here's some advice to help you evaluate when and where to don a mask.

Europe's path away from Russian oil and toward renewable energy is paved with a dirty reality

As Europe vows to kick its reliance on Russian fossil fuels in response to Moscow's weaponization of its energy supply, climate advocates hope it could spur a more rapid transition to renewable energy. But experts say it won't happen overnight.

Innovative atlas puts Indigenous knowledge on the map — literally — to help tackle climate crisis

Hetxw'ms Gyetxw from Gitxsan Nation, sees himself as a bridge between Indigenous knowledge and Western science, and used his experience to help centre Indigenous communities on the Climate Atlas of Canada, an interactive tool aimed at helping people understand climate change.

Canadian researchers discover 1st possible case of deer spreading COVID-19 virus to a human

In a world first, preliminary research suggests deer may be able to transmit the COVID-19 virus to humans, following analysis by a team of Canadian scientists monitoring the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in animals.

Humans are the main source of COVID-19, but what happens now that we've spread it to animals?

If SARS-CoV-2 circulates widely enough in another species, there's a risk that animal could become a reservoir for the virus, and a potential source for new variants and transmission back to humans.

Quebec entrepreneur, 93, donates cherished island after protecting it from city sprawl

For most of his adult life, Thor Vikström watched the seasons change and the birds come and go from the small island he owned. At 93, he says he's at peace knowing the land nestled between Montreal and Laval will remain protected long after he's gone.

Virus that causes COVID-19 found in Quebec deer

The virus that causes COVID-19 has for the first time been found in wildlife in Canada.

How space exploration is advancing remote medicine

As billionaires race to the stars, many have been quick to throw shade on the rich for spending money on joyrides to space instead of solving problems on Earth. But a Canadian astronaut is reminding people that space exploration has the power to contribute to life-changing advances on our planet.

Partial lunar eclipse will be longest since the reign of Henry VI

Skygazers are in for a treat overnight between Thursday and Friday, when much of the planet will be able to see the longest partial lunar eclipse in almost 600 years. The only hitch is that for much of Canada, the peak of the eclipse will happen in the middle of the night.

5 ways to sort substance from spin in climate politics

It might feel as though you need a PhD to sift through the "blah blah blah" of political rhetoric around climate change, as activist Greta Thunberg calls it, but policy experts say there are ways to ignore the spin and figure out what leaders at the COP26 summit are really saying.