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Gretel Kahn is a researcher with CBC Montreal.

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COVID-19 has made education more accessible for university students with mobility disabilities

While many able-bodied university students have found the switch to remote learning stressful, those with mobility disabilities have seen their lives made easier. But they worry the progress will be lost when in-person learning returns.

How one Quebecer joined the online battle against Wall Street hedge funds

They belong to an online chat group called WallStreetBets, and last fall they set their sights on teaching Wall Street a lesson. Jonathan Mireault, an accountant from Terrebonne, is among the amateur investors involved.

Know a solo senior who wants companionship and extra revenue? This Montreal non-profit wants your help

Combo2Generations helps fight social isolation by making roommates out of students and seniors. The student saves money on rent, and the senior gets companionship, and help with chores.

How a Québécois filmmaker got John Coltrane to record the only soundtrack of his career

Quebecois filmmaker Gilles Groulx convinced jazz legend John Coltrane to compose and record the soundtrack for his film Le chat dans le sac.

Is Montreal's Gay Village becoming less gay?

As the city celebrates Pride weekend, experts debate how to preserve the Gay Village's unique identity.

Montreal police fined Black man $500 as he took out the recycling. He blames racial profiling

Kenrick McRae took his recycling out Tuesday afternoon. When he returned inside, he had been fined nearly $500 by police for drinking and driving.

Quebec turns to daycare workers to fill shortage of kindergarten teachers

The Quebec government wants to address a province-wide shortage of kindergarten teachers by recruiting from the ranks of daycare workers, but some worry that will only create another shortage elsewhere in the system.

'A little piece of Canada in Panama': A Montreal deli brings a taste of the city to the tropics

Sara Solomon was craving dishes from home when she moved to Panama. When she saw there were no other options, she decided to open her own Montreal deli.

Why are there more road accidents during Quebec's construction holiday?

The construction holiday, for most people, means two weeks off work, warm weather and a chance to travel around the province. But for the Sûreté du Québec, it is one of the deadliest times of the year.

Just For Laughs comedians take shots at Montreal's construction woes, Quebec religious symbols law

CBC’s arts and culture contributor Nantali Indongo got to talk to some of the hottest names in comedy at the 2019 Just For Laughs red carpet event. Conversations ranged from diversity to creativity and, of course, what they like and what they hate about Montreal.