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Frédérik-Xavier Duhamel is a journalist at CBC/Radio-Canada Montreal. Email: Twitter: @FxDuhamel

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No water, no school: How water delivery issues disrupt learning for Inuit children in Nunavik

Damaged or inadequate pumps, filtration or water storage tanks and mechanical breakdowns in water delivery trucks and an unforgiving climate mean that schools in northern Quebec's Inuit territory of Nunavik regularly face water supply issues.

'It's inhumane': Many federal inmates haven't seen their loved ones in over 2 years

Most in-person visits to inmates have been on hold since the beginning of the pandemic, more than two years ago. Inmates and their families say they are suffering, while Correctional Service Canada says it is prioritizing health and safety.

Federal inmates face long delays and sometimes retribution if they file complaints, lawyer says

A federal inmate and a lawyer are speaking out about problems with the system that allows prisoners to complain about their treatment. They say grievances are treated too slowly and sometimes lead to repercussions for those who dare complain.

Northern Quebec communities concerned about impact of burning garbage on health, environment

A recent study into waste management in Quebec has highlighted that the practice of open-air burning of waste in the north should be a cause for concern for the people and the land.

U.S. renews navy's right to harm marine mammals during testing and training off Pacific Coast

A U.S. federal agency has renewed the U.S. Navy's ability to harass, harm, and in some cases, accidentally kill marine mammals over the next seven years during training and testing activities off the Pacific Coast from California to Alaska.

Asian giant hornet could spread quickly in B.C., says study

A new study says an invasive Asian giant hornet could spread throughout western North America. But B.C.'s bee expert is skeptical about some of the authors' assumptions.

Nearly 130 tonnes of garbage removed from shoreline during cleanup effort

Ecotourism tour operators, working with First Nations, have removed nearly 130 tonnes of garbage from the B.C. coast in recent weeks and hope to see similar cleanups in the future.

Capital Regional District cancels southern Vancouver Island migratory bird study

A a two-year study of migratory birds on southern Vancouver Island, that would have been the first of its kind in the area in more than two decades, has been cancelled.

U.S. navy exercises will put further pressure on West Coast's endangered killer whales, experts say

Conservationists say the endangered southern resident killer whales will be further affected if the navy is allowed to fire torpedoes, deploy sonar and detonate bombs at sea.