Eric Dicaire

CBC editorial assistant

Eric Dicaire is a CBC Montreal editorial assistant working from home during the pandemic.

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This novel grew out of a long-distance friendship and summers in the Eastern Townships

Despite living thousands of kilometres apart for much of their lives, Tamara Southward and Haley Crawford wrote a novel together that mirrors their own coming of age stories.

After bringing Haitian liqueur into the SAQ, they're now helping others fulfill their business dreams

Stevens Charles and Myriam Jean-Baptiste wondered why they couldn't buy a favourite Haitian liqueur at Quebec's liquor stores. So, they got to work to change that.

With help from citizens, Montreal researchers are tracking the trees in people's backyards

Environmental scientists have a lot of ground to cover, so they're calling on a small army of citizens to help.

After a year of loss, this artist is sewing her way through adversity

Sylvia Lafontaine threads beautiful creations to give back to her community as she copes with difficult cancer diagnoses in her family, including her own.

Therapeutic clowns are back to spread joy in Montreal's hospitals and care homes

Armed with makeup and red noses, the Dr. Clown Foundation is once again bringing joy in Montreal's long-term care homes and children's wards.

Classroom workshops offer support to LGBTQ youth in rural Quebec

A not-for-profit based in Montreal is visiting rural communities to show youth that they're not alone.

This portrait booklet is a celebration of two-spirit people

Divina Nicole and Sima Youssef hope the booklet will help two-spirit people feel seen across Canada.

Saint-Michel's Falla festival celebrates the work of local youth

It's a festival of fire, colour and dance. This weekend, La Falla de Saint-Michel invites Montrealers to celebrate the work of local teens.

Black hair salon owner provides much needed sisterhood in Quebec City

When Plaquie Zion opened her Black hair salon in Quebec City, she was looking for a way to carve her own path. She soon realized there were many women who, like her, needed a safe space to talk about what was on their minds.

Lion dancers set to return the ancient art to Montreal's Chinatown

Chinese lion dancing was just one of many types of performance put on ice during the pandemic. But now, the exuberant art form is ready for a comeback and organizers say it should be in display in Montreal's Chinatown in August.