Eric Dicaire

CBC Intern

Eric Dicaire is a CBC Montreal intern working from home during the pandemic.

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Loud music and superheroes: How this paramedic is coping with the realities of the job

In the beginning, she spent her days staying ready for COVID-19 cases. She would rarely get calls for any other reason.

This DIY shop is teaching Montrealers to work with their hands

Under the guidance of experienced professionals, visitors can use the equipment to do anything from building a bookshelf to fixing a bike.

These entrepreneurs are bringing much-needed rest to front-line workers

Timothée Régnier and Eric Normandeau come from very different backgrounds but together they founded RecharjMe, a company that builds and rents relaxation pods. They're giving front-line workers a place to rest in a stressful time.

New docuseries opens a window into the lives of eastern Mi'kmaw fishers

Gespe'gewa'gi: The Last Land gives in an inside look on the boats of Mi'kmaw fishers, and the lasting impact of the 1981 salmon raids.

Montreal artist and body hair activist graces magazine cover to spread message of self-love

Esther Calixte-Bea appeared on the cover of the January edition of Glamour UK magazine. She said, to her knowledge, she's the first woman with chest hair to appear on any magazine cover.

Entrepreneur network helps immigrants start their businesses before they land in Montreal

Armed with the support of his new colleagues, Caren Arakelian will soon move to Montreal to start a business focused on artificial intelligence.

Clothes, hot water and fresh bannock: Indigenous homeless people supported by program based out of film trailer

The trailer used to hold audiovisual workshops for Indigenous youth, but during the pandemic it serves a different purpose.

Gay and Grey in Montreal: How one group helps older LGBTQ+ crowd find community

Grey and Gay was founded in 2018 to combat homophobia and create a safe place for 50-plus LGBTQ+ Montrealers to meet, at a time in their lives when many feel pressure to go back into the closet.