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Elias Abboud is a journalist at CBC Montreal.

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The intoxicating rise of Quebec's zero-alcohol beer market

Zero-alcohol beers are gaining in quality and popularity and are taking up more shelf space these days at beer and grocery stores.
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Learning Italian is no piece of torta

I signed up for Italian lessons after seeing an ad from Montreal's Italian Cultural Institute. I'm working part time, the hours for the course fit nicely and with the COVID-19 pandemic, I had the extra time to study a language I've always wanted to learn.

Surviving the lean months: How 2 Montreal business owners are coping with the COVID shutdown

The holidays are usually a time of plenty that help businesses get through the lean months that follow. With many COVID-19 restrictions in effect, business owners are doing their best to survive until the pandemic is over.

Part-time nurses at Jewish General Hospital to be forced to work full-time hours

The Jewish General Hospital, one of Montreal's designated COVID-19 hospitals, is dealing with a surge in cases and the need to care for other patients.

15 years after Montreal killing, family demands right to be at parole hearing

Sébastien Simon beat and repeatedly stabbed Brigitte Serre to death 15 years ago. Now Simon wants parole, and the victim's family says they should be able to attend the hearing in person despite COVID-19 rules.

Tired of waste, Montrealer is making high-end bikes locally and ethically

Ben Adler has been supplying Montreal bike commuters with an environmentally friendly option for about six years with his Rebicycle line. Now he's also producing high end road bikes.

Montreal couple of 72 years reunited after COVID-19 separates them for 3 months

While Anna Driscoll was recovering from a broken hip in a west end health centre, she was unable to care for her husband, Ronald Sweeney. He was moved into a hospital setting and COVID-19 restrictions made getting back together complicated.

Montreal is facing a budget crunch and it wants your opinion, but only in French

The city of Montreal wants to know what you think its priorities should be for the 2021 budget. But it is asking for your input in French only.

Montreal Metro's Blue line facing delays after owners of Galeries d'Anjou launch lawsuit

The commercial real estate giants that own Montreal's Galeries d'Anjou shopping centre are claiming that Montreal's transit authority never had any intention of negotiating with them in good faith over land expropriation to complete the Metro Blue line project. 

Montreal fans struggle to get refund to postponed Elton John concert

Jonathan Izenberg says many fans need that refund during the COVID-19 crisis.