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Debra Arbec is the anchor of CBC Montreal News at 6 on CBC Television.

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Official at UN aviation agency signed off on $240K in contracts for his PhD supervisor at Concordia

A high-level director at the Montreal-based International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) awarded $240,000 worth of consulting contracts to his Concordia University doctoral supervisor while still his student, CBC News has learned.

'Patient zero' in cyberattack on UN aviation agency was senior official's son, email reveals

Five months after CBC News reported an attempt by four IT staff at the Montreal-based International Civil Aviation Organization to cover up their mishandling of a major cyberattack, a UN whistleblower is going public with accusations of misconduct against ICAO's top brass.

Montreal-based UN aviation agency tried to cover up 2016 cyberattack, documents show

In November 2016, the International Civil Aviation Organization was hit by the most serious cyberattack in its history. Internal documents obtained by CBC suggest key members of the team that should have prevented the attack tried to cover up how badly it was mishandled.

A boy with Down syndrome and his single mom find their West Island 'family'

When Soran Guarascio was born with Down syndrome, the first thing staff at the West Island Association for Intellectually Handicapped did was congratulate his mother. That's when Sonia Guarascio knew she'd found her lifeline.