Craig Desson


Craig Desson is a producer and journalist at CBC Montreal. He was born in Montreal and has lived in Ottawa, Toronto, Germany and Sierra Leone. Craig has also worked for CBC Radio.

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It's Saturday night in Montreal and food-delivery drivers rule the roads

With dining rooms closed and a curfew in effect, Montrealers can no longer enjoy meals out on a Saturday night. But food-delivery drivers are bringing the food to them at home.

New tour of Montreal's Stewart Museum highlights its use as a WW2 internment camp

For three years during the Second World War, the historic British fort that today houses Montreal's Stewart Museum was an internment camp for 400 Italians who had been living and working in the United Kingdom.

Canada's prison watchdog calls out federal corrections for 'extreme' confinement as COVID-19 cases surge

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government is looking into a report by the federal correctional investigator that concludes the human rights of prisoners are being violated due to measures to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Walking With

Take a walk through Kaie Kellough's Montreal of poetry, seditious cafes and immigrant vitality

The Montreal poet takes us on tour of the Plateau, a neighborhood of spiral staircases, cafes and artist haunts that have inspired his poetry and shaped his life.

Montreal's glacier: Where the snow survived summer

Montreal's blustery winter of 2018 left so much snow that about 175,000 cubic metres still haven't melted at the city's largest snow dump.

How Montreal's Habitat 67 is inspiring a new generation of apartments in Asia

Montreal's Habitat 67 showed that high-density urban housing could be built without making people feel like they've been crammed into a concrete shoebox. That kind of building is now in high demand in countries such as China and Singapore.

Go inside the Montreal house where gamers play, practise and live

Since February, members of the Montreal Rebellion esports team have been living and practising their craft in a six-bedroom house in Montreal's Ahuntsic-Cartierville neighbourhood. 

Cross-country kitty: Meet the Montreal trucker who rides with a cat

If you look closely into the cab of one Montreal big rig on the highway, you might spot a little cat sitting in the passenger seat.

The past, present and future for sale at Villeray shop

At Passé Présent Futur shoppers can buy antiques from the past, clocks that mark the present and drones which might shape the future.

At Italian bakeries in Montreal, zeppole mean spring is here

Italian bakeries are making zeppole for Saint Joseph's Day. For Italians, the pastry is a sign of spring and a way to honour dads for Italian Father's Day.