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Colin Harris is a digital editor and producer based in Montreal. He has been with CBC News since 2018.

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2022 Black Changemakers

This community and health-care worker helps youth find their passions

Stephen Hennessy grew up with his mother telling him that wherever you are, you should be making a positive impact on those around you. And if that space is too negative, consider leaving it. He now spends much of his time working with young people, passing on that same message and helping them get through difficult times.
2022 Black Changemakers

She created a space for Black students and alumni to connect and support each other

Temilade Akin-Aina, an associate director of alumni relations at Concordia University, said engaging the university community is at the heart of what she does.
2022 Black Changemakers

Working behind the scenes, he helped Montreal elect its most diverse city council

Guedwig Bernier says he took a “leap of faith” when he decided to join Projet Montréal in 2018.
2022 Black Changemakers

This lifelong activist shows caring for others can be radical in its own way

Mubeenah Mughal says with an "activist heart," you bring the mentality of wanting to enact change to everything you do — whether it's spending time with loved ones or just going about daily tasks.
2022 Black Changemakers

He rallied a neighbourhood to open its own grocery store

When Dimitri Espérance moved to Montreal's Saint-Henri district while pursuing graduate studies, he knew he had found his new home. But he was shocked to find out how few places there were to buy healthy groceries. So he changed that.
2022 Black Changemakers

This social entrepreneur wants young people to know the sky's the limit

Loreena Gabriel hasn't forgotten what it felt like to work two jobs as she was preparing to graduate from high school. Faced with the expenses of college and prom, she said, she didn't want to put the burden entirely on her mother when money was tight.
2022 Black Changemakers

After decades in public service, she isn't slowing down any time soon

Born and raised on Montreal's South Shore, Jennings credits the household she was raised in for her drive to keep serving the public. "I grew up where it was normal, in addition to raising your family and seeing to the needs of your family, to also be actively engaged in your community," said Jennings.
Twisted Histories

Mohawk artist Kaia'tanóron Dumoulin Bush finds inspiration in powwows and anime

"I'm part of the Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Saturday morning cartoons generation," she said, adding she was drawn to the idea of "having magical powers, and being able to become something bigger than yourself and maintaining your own agency."
Twisted Histories

Mi'kmaw artist Robin Paul is on a healing journey to return to painting

It was Paul's uncle who pushed her to pursue art and writing, but when he passed away two years ago she found it hard to pick up a pen or brush.
Twisted Histories

Mi'kmaw artist Tara Francis uses traditional quillwork as a form of prayer

Francis is one of three artists creating pieces for the CBC podcast Telling Our Twisted Histories.