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Chloë Ranaldi is a researcher and reporter at CBC Montreal.

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This non-profit for single moms is a lifeline for many, but access to it can be a challenge

Mères avec pouvoir provides affordable housing and child care for young single mothers. The non-profit says it needs more subsidized housing units to meet growing demand.

They left everything behind in Ukraine. Strangers in Montreal are helping them move forward

Valentyna Kozachenko fled Ukraine with her youngest son, but was forced to leave behind her oldest son, her daughter, and her five grandchildren, as well her husband of 35 years.

Same-sex couple's fertility treatments stalled as private clinic holds out for more government funding

Quebec will now pay for up to six rounds of artificial insemination, but some fertility clinics, including Clinique Ovo, have suspended offering the treatment in a dispute over fees. That's left this couple with no option but to wait  — or get in line at a public clinic.

Ukrainian Montrealers scramble to get family to safety as fighting intensifies in civilian areas

Ukrainians with ties to Canada's large diaspora are among the hundreds of thousands of people trying to escape the country, but the incessant bombing, the roadblocks and curfews are making their goal increasingly more difficult.

Black nurses' group hopes to promote inclusivity, fight racism within Quebec's health network

Black nurses in Quebec say sometimes racism is overt in the health-care system, such as a patient asking for a white nurse, and sometimes it is more subtle. But it wears them down and is adding to the fatigue created by the pandemic.

Montreal non-profit looks to trim away stress and stigma

A hair salon in Montreal offers free haircuts to people struggling with mental illness. The man behind the project says looking good and feeling good about one's self is important for mental health.

Lachine environmental group wants to reduce microplastics entering our waters

Microplastics from clothing enter the environment in run off from washing machines. An environmental group in Lachine hopes filters on laundry equipment can reduce that phenomenon, and help scientists learn more about microfibres.

There's a nursing shortage in Quebec. Here's why one nurse quit and another is on the brink

Two nurses, one just entering the field, and the other who left due to harsh conditions, weigh in on why the public system is losing employees so rapidly.

Students in India say they're in limbo, waiting months for permits to learn in Quebec

Students in India are desperate for news about when they can come to Quebec and begin their studies.

Seeing a need, Montreal friends create new business that's kind to Black hair

Tired of seeing their own hair messed up by cotton hoodies, five friends got together to create a solution. They're now sewing and selling satin-lined hoodies that are 'Kind to Curls.'