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Chloë Ranaldi is a researcher and reporter at CBC Montreal.

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Community groups create support network for Haitian health-care workers battling COVID-19

A group of auxiliary nurses started a number of projects to ensure Haitian Montrealers are better prepared, and supported, in the battle against the virus.

Advocates call on Quebec to prioritize those with developmental disabilities for COVID-19 vaccine

Advocates for people with developmental disabilities, especially Down syndrome, are asking the province to prioritize them when it comes to the vaccine rollout because they say they are more at risk of contracting and dying from COVID-19.

McGill student starts initiative to bring food, supplies to homeless people camped out near campus

Sophie Hart, 21, created the group Meals for Milton-Parc — a student-led initiative that makes food, prepares hygiene kits and donates winter clothes for people in need in downtown Montreal.

Province should do more to protect dwindling caribou populations, urges Nature Québec

Quebec is expected to release a strategy for caribou conservation this spring, but some environmental groups are advocating for more ambitious measures before it's too late.

Hydro-Québec research project looks at how trees and electrical lines can co-exist

A team of researchers at UQAM have partnered with Hydro Quebec for a pilot project that looks at how trees and electric lines can co-exist.

Pandemic creates unique challenges for people with hearing loss, says Hear Quebec

For those who rely on reading people’s lips to communicate, face masks and teleconferencing have become new obstacles to overcome.

Your scarf is not a facemask — and other COVID-19 winter rules from Montreal Public Health

Dr. Mylène Drouin says scarves, neck tubes, turtle necks and gloves are not adequate to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Young couple overcome immigration issues, will reunite in Montreal

Bayan Assi and Rawand Shamseddine got married in January but haven't been able to live in the same city because Shamseddine has been stuck in Lebanon, waiting for approval from Canadian immigration authorities. She is finally on her way to Canada.

Adapted transit users want compensation after STM's website shut down by virus

When a ransomware attack shut down the STM's online platforms last week, para-transit services were restricted to essential appointments.

Montreal man unable to bring wife to Canada, despite federal program that helps Beirut blast survivors

Bayan Assi, a Canadian citizen, has been trying to bring his Lebanese wife to Canada ever since they married in January. But despite the horrific explosion in August that levelled parts of Beirut, the two are no closer to being together.