Bernard St-Laurent

Bernard St-Laurent is the host of Radio Noon Montreal and C'est la Vie. He is CBC's senior political editor in Quebec, having covered all the major political events in the province from the election of the Parti Québecois in 1976 on.

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Bernie's Election Blog: Péladeau complications

Pierre Karl Péladeau is certainly a get for the PQ, but what's the impact on the other parties in this race?

Bill 60 may not be the ticket to a PQ majority government

It's the first time since the Lac Mégantic disaster that the PQ's approval rating has dropped.

The demise of controversial charters key in the next election

The death of the government's language bill, and the likely demise of its proposed charter of secular values, may not be the worst case scenario for the Parti Québécois going into the next election.

The political play behind the secular charter

CBC Senior Political correspondent Bernard St-Laurent looks into the Parti Québécois' political strategy that lies behind the controversial secular bill.

Alcoa move a big problem for the PQ

Alcoa's announcement that it plans to shut down its smelters in Baie-Comeau, Bécancour, and Deschambault in 2015 has made the job of winning a lot harder for the PQ.

A debate worth watching

The CBC-McGill mayoral debate was by far the most dynamic and engaging of the all the face-offs in this campaign.

If values charter is adopted, expect costly court challenges

PQ minister Bernard Drainville's plan to spend a quiet day in his riding changed drastically after the Quebec Human Rights Commission issued its damning comments on the government's proposed values charter.

Montreal mayoralty candidates are right to take stand on charter

PQ Minister Jean-François Lisée said Thursday Montreal's mayoralty candidates have no mandate to oppose Quebec's proposed Charter of values. But CBC's political analyst Bernard St-Laurent says he's wrong - and explains why.

Are Boisclair cocaine allegations an election strategy?

From the outside, the Coalition Avenir Quebec MNA Jacques Duchesneau's attack on former Parti Québécois leader André Boisclair seems designed to help hold on to his party's voters.

Bernard Drainville defends the charter

PQ Minister Bernard Drainville dropped by the CBC Radio Noon studio today for a 20-minute one-on-one interview.