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Benjamin Shingler is a reporter with CBC's investigative unit in Montreal. He previously worked at The Canadian Press, Al Jazeera America and the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal. Email story ideas to

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Family shocked by daycare's call to child protection without warning, question if discrimination at play

A Montreal family was reported to youth protection without warning based on their son's behaviour at daycare. The couple questions whether race played a role in the decision, and point to research that shows Black families are more likely to be reported.
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Montreal's recycling program is in a dire state, but there are solutions

Montreal's recycling program isn't working like it should be. Experts say a deposit program aimed at separating materials at source would ease burden, but reduction is even more important.
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Quebec recycling company with track record of litigation has powerful hold on industry

Montreal's inspector general wants city to dump Ricova, but now the company is threatening legal action. A review of its dealings with other municipalities shows it will use the courts to defend its interests.
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Inside the alleged fraud and forgery at Quebec's Lester B. Pearson School Board

Court documents obtained by CBC News shed light on an investigation dubbed "Project Pandore" into alleged fraud, forged documents and abuse of power at the province's second-largest English-language school board. 
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They parked. They shopped. They got towed: Anger and frustration at a Montreal strip mall

Over the course of two days last week at a shopping plaza in Montreal's Saint-Laurent borough, CBC watched as a tow-truck operator removed vehicle after vehicle. "This is not normal," said Pierre Abraham Mulamba, who was charged $116 for a towing after he briefly left the plaza property.

Anti-poverty groups question logic of Quebec's $500 payout

Quebec’s pre-election budget had a clear, immediate benefit for 6.4 million people: an additional $500 in their pocket. But is it the best approach to help those who need it most?

Quebec budget includes $500 handout, more for health care

Quebec will give $500 to everyone who makes $100,000 or less to help offset the rising cost of living, the government announced in its budget for the coming fiscal year.

From housing to health care, what to expect in Quebec's budget

Finance Minister Eric Girard says it will be a "prudent" budget that will also help Quebecers weather the high cost of living. But what else is coming? Here are four key things to watch for.

Quebec vows to tighten regulations around private colleges

In the wake of CBC's report on three private colleges catering to international students which recently filed for creditor protection, the province's higher education minister said she plans to put in place measures "to ensure that this type of situation never occurs again."
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Fired by her school board, a Montrealer went on to run 3 colleges. International students are paying the price

Despite facing allegations of financial wrongdoing, a former school board administrator helped set up and operate three private colleges in Quebec for foreign students. Now the schools are under creditor protection, and hundreds of students are waiting for their money back.