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Antoni Nerestant is a journalist at CBC Montreal.

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RDP residents fed up with being 'completely ignored', demand REM station in heart of neighbourhood

The landscape of Montreal public transit is expected to be overhauled in the next decade, but residents in the east end neighbourhood of Rivière-des-Prairies say those changes won't do anything to address their need for better service.
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His online talk show has become a rallying space for his community

Kevin Calixte created an online talk show and broadcasts it live on Facebook, and people can't get enough of it.

Premier appoints Benoit Charette, environment minister, to lead fight against racism

Quebec Environment Minister Benoit Charette will take on the role of fighting against racism for the government. But the appointment of Charette, who is white, immediately drew scrutiny.
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Her journey from Senegal to Europe to Quebec City inspires her work as a teacher

Before settling in Quebec City with her family, Ndeye Dieynaba Ndiaye spent a decade living in Italy, where she says she witnessed the racist treatment of African migrants. Those experiences shaped how she teaches migration law, and have motivated her to help change things.

Quebec eyes English CEGEP admissions in bill to protect French language

Quebec's premier reiterated his party's belief that the French language in Quebec is in a fragile state, and said the government is looking at ways of limiting access to English CEGEPs.

Montreal police want to get tougher on gun violence. Will the plan backfire?

Montreal police have vowed to stamp out the recent wave of gun violence in the city's east end. But community groups are worried the SPVM will rely too much on a stronger police presence, and ignore the root causes behind the violence.

The first report cards are in for Quebec students, and the results are worrisome

According to data from a provincial group of school administrators, the first report cards for elementary and high school students illustrate how overwhelmingly difficult studying has been during the pandemic.

Judge's ruling on Quebec's Civil Code hailed as victory for trans, non-binary people

A Quebec Superior Court judge is forcing the province to reword several sections of the Civil Code of Quebec because they discriminate against trans and non-binary people.

Montréal-Nord still reeling from COVID-19 and community groups say residents feel abandoned

Montréal-Nord isn't grabbing headlines as it did during the first wave of COVID-19, but the virus continues to do damage in the neighbourhood, and community groups want the government and health authorities to do more.

Remember the whale that wowed Montrealers last spring? Its visit, death, remain a mystery

With Montrealers already feeling the weight of the early stages of the pandemic, a visit from a humpback whale in the St. Lawrence River last spring captured many hearts. Ultimately, it died, and questions about what happened still linger.