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Angelica Montgomery is a journalist in Quebec City for CBC News.

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Family demands answers after frightened Atikamekw man flees hospital, later returns and dies

George-Hervey Awashish headed to hospital in August for help with several medical issues. But something he says he heard made him call family and ask them to help him leave as quickly as possible. He died shortly after he returned.

Quebec's remote Lower North Shore villages call for exemption from tough new snowmobile law

Quebec is set to adopt stringent new rules that would require people to be at least 16 years old and to have a driver's learner permit before they could use off-road vehicles or snowmobiles. But residents of isolated communities on the Lower North Shore say snowmobiles are a fact of life for them.

With legalization approaching, training material for Quebec cannabis stores isn't finished

Quebec's new cannabis agency has yet to finish the final details of its training materials for employees, despite the fact it hopes to open about 20 retail stores across Quebec in just over a month.

Another fight brews over tougher, Quebec-wide pit bull ban

Three months after Montreal suspended its ban on pit bull-like dogs, the Quebec National Assembly is forging ahead with a more aggressive ban would will apply to every part of the province and will be much more difficult to remove.

6 cannabis growers to provide 62 tonnes of pot to Quebec's legal recreational market

Quebec's bill to legalize recreational cannabis has yet to pass in Quebec City, and the federal legislation is still stuck in the Senate, but the province has already signed tentative deals with suppliers — including five based outside the province.

Quebec stands firm on plan to ban all homegrown pot

The Quebec government does not want anyone to grow marijuana plants at home, and it sent a clear message to the federal government Thursday that it is ready to fight to impose that ban.

Quebec MNAs prepare for political showdown in lead-up to October election

The Quebec National Assembly kicks off its last session before the Oct. 1 election today — and straight out of the gate, Premier Philippe Couillard is warning that it is going to be busy.

Talk of PKP's return shakes up PQ MNAs at caucus retreat

Parti Québécois MNAs have rushed to show support for their current leader, Jean-François Lisée, after former party chief Pierre Karl Péladeau surprised everyone Tuesday with talk of a possible return.

CAQ promises deeper school tax cuts than Liberals

The Coalition Avenir Québec vows to slash school taxes further than the Liberals intend to do, as the two parties go head to head over which will put more money back into voters’ pockets.

CAQ turns to Haitian-born doctor in effort to mend its diversity woes

Leader François Legault kicked off his caucus retreat Monday by introducing Dr. Lionel Carmant, who would be a shoo-in as Legault’s choice for health minister.