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Andrew Chang co-hosts The National. Chang was the Canadian Screen Award-winning host of CBC Vancouver News at 6. He has also spent time in the host chair for other network shows such as CBC Radio One's The Current, CBC News' The National and CBC News Now.

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As COVID-19 cases soar and regions lock down, Dr. Tam has a blunt message about holiday planning

With the holiday season just weeks away, Canadians are wondering if one of the bright spots in Canada's long, dark winter will be another casualty of 2020 — and whether the country will ever get off the roller coaster of flattening the curve only to see cases soar again.
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How a 'bionic' vest is boosting human abilities at a Ford plant

Ford asked itself a question: if we can't yet give machines human-like intelligence, can we give humans machine-like stamina? The result is a trial of a 'bionic' vest that takes the strain off the arms of people on the assembly line who work for hours on cars passing overhead.

Overwatch backers push pro video games as big-league esports spectacle

Packed stadiums, screaming fans, franchise jerseys, big paychecks, team housing with live-in coaches and a chef cooking healthy meals. This is life in the big leagues - of video gaming. The Overwatch League is promoting esports as big-budget mass entertainment.

CBC's Andrew Chang in Rio: From me to you

Andrew Chang gives his final closing thoughts on his time at the 2016 Rio Olympics. 'Congratulations to all who overcame barriers, to all who worked tirelessly for their moment, and yes — even to those who fell far short.'

CBC's Andrew Chang in Rio: Shopping for souvenirs is like an Olympic sport

Getting something as simple as a coffee mug can be an Olympic sport unto itself, writes the Vancouver host.

CBC's Andrew Chang in Rio: The prep work for reporters covering the Olympics

The Vancouver host says a lot of research goes into covering and navigating the Olympics.

CBC's Andrew Chang in Rio: quirky rituals of Olympic athletes

Whether they work or not, quirky rituals and practices are all too common for athletes at the elite level.

CBC's Andrew Chang in Rio: What the media accommodations look like

Journalists have access to a pool and basketball court but who has the time in between all the work demands, writes the Vancouver host.

Andrew Chang in Rio: Learning new languages at the Olympics

How Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield's advice led Andrew Chang to learn Cyrillic ahead of the Sochi Olympics.

CBC's Andrew Chang in Rio: How do news conferences work

Rio organizers face an interesting problem: how do you hold a news conference when all the journalists from around the world speak different languages?