Alison Northcott

Alison Northcott is a national reporter for CBC News in Montreal.

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High inflation is hitting people on fixed disability benefits hard

People with disabilities have a higher poverty rate and a lower rate of employment than the overall population. Advocates say it is a longstanding, systemic problem and inflation makes it worse.

Why some businesses are paying staff a living wage, not just the minimum

A growing number of small businesses and organizations are becoming certified as what's known as "living wage employers," committing to paying workers based on the real costs of making ends meet in their region.

Metaverse real estate sales boom as businesses try to stake a claim in a 'risky' virtual world

Businesses are spending thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars to acquire virtual plots of land in the metaverse, but experts warn it could be a risky investment that might not live up to the hype.

Inflation puts added strain on families supporting aging loved ones

For families caring for loved ones in long-term care facilities or at home, financial pressures can be a major source of stress, now exacerbated by the rising cost of living and experts say it's just the tip of the iceberg.

How technology is helping shrink grocery bills by cutting food waste

A growing number of apps and other technologies have come to market in recent months to help connect shoppers with cheap food nearing their expiry date — which is a win for stores and their customers as high food prices continue to bite deep.

Quebec vaccine clinic uses virtual reality to distract kids from fear of COVID-19 shots

Along with a therapy dog, colourful balloons and a huge inflatable slide, nervous children at one vaccine clinic in Quebec also have the option of putting on a virtual reality headset to play a game while getting their shot.

B.C. disaster drives home need for flood-resistant infrastructure across Canada, climate experts say

Experts warn a major overhaul of infrastructure in communities across Canada is needed to make homes, buildings, roads and rail lines more resilient to extreme weather events, as climate change makes them more likely.

Can virtual reality get us to care more about climate change?

The enormity and complexity of the climate crisis can be overwhelming, but researchers at Brock University are exploring ways to help people connect with climate issues emotionally so they'll be more motivated to act.

Behind the door-to-door campaign viewed as key to raising Montreal's vaccination rate

In Montreal, there are pockets of the city with a lower rate of vaccine uptake, many of which are in low-income, more diverse parts of the city. Community groups and public health teams are aiming to change that.

In a Montreal ICU, health-care workers strain to treat younger patients and COVID-19 deniers

The intensive care unit at the Jewish General Hospital has treated nearly 300 COVID-19 patients since the pandemic began. As cases and hospitalizations begin to decline, staff hope this third wave is the last one.