Alison Northcott

Alison Northcott is a national reporter for CBC News in Montreal.

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Turning beer into bread, a Montreal co-op takes on food waste

A Montreal co-op is using the by-product from brewing beer to make bread. Their goal is to reduce food waste, by salvaging what would normally be thrown out, or given to farmers for animal feed, and turning it into something more.

Election of Kamala Harris to U.S. vice-presidency 'the beginning of something important,' say women of colour

For politicians and other women of colour in Canada, the election of Kamala Harris to the second-highest political office in the U.S. is an inspiration not just to dream but to recognize their own potential to achieve their dreams.

'Stand strong': Charities brace for a lean season as pandemic cuts into donations, volunteer base

With a sudden drop in volunteers, restrictions on the services they can provide and an increased demand for assistance, charities across the country are facing an unprecedented set of challenges.

As Montreal's calèche ban comes into effect, horses face uncertain future

On Jan. 1, Montreal's ban on horse-drawn carriages, known as calèches, goes into effect. Alison Northcott looks at what happens to the horses.

How the way we remember the Montreal Massacre has changed 30 years later

For years after the mass shooting at École Polytechnique in Montreal, there was resistance among some in Quebec to see what happened as more than an isolated act of a troubled man. Alison Northcott explores how that's changed.

Hoodie-wearing Quebec MNA challenges the dress code, and takes heat for doing it

Known for wearing tuques, T-shirts and Doc Martens in the legislature, Catherine Dorion is at the centre of a heated debate around what elected officials should wear to work.

Quebec report overlooks Indigenous women's safety, advocates say

A new report that found Indigenous people face systemic discrimination in public services in Quebec doesn’t do enough to address the allegations of police abuse that led to the commission in the first place, an advocate says. 

Caregivers of elderly face stress, tears with scant support

The case of a Montreal man sentenced to two years in jail for killing his wife, who had Alzheimer's disease, has laid bare the need for better supports for caregivers, many of whom struggle to cope and often don't know where to turn, advocates say.

After 2017's devastating floods, Quebec communities face tough questions about building on flood plains

As spring begins, residents and officials in municipalities across Quebec are watching the forecast closely, bracing themselves for possible floods this year and in years to come.

Netflix won't remove images of Lac-Mégantic rail disaster from Bird Box

Netflix says footage of the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster used to depict a fictional disaster in its popular movie Bird Box will not be removed, despite residents in the Quebec town saying it trivializes the tragedy.