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Ainslie MacLellan is a journalist at CBC Montreal. Follow her on Twitter: @CBCAinslie.

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Laval couple calls for easier access to services for kids with disabilities

Twelve-year-old Arsalan Khalid of Laval loves Harry Potter books and playing sports with his friends — activities he can do today in part thanks to physical and speech therapy. But after navigating the system without much guidance, his parents say more could be done to improve access to services for children with disabilities, particularly for newcomers to Quebec.

Art project brings 200-year-old plants to life in La Fontaine Park

The art installation In Search of the Papineau Woods invites park-goers to imagine the Montreal landscape of the 1820s by searching for plants that are invisible — until you add water. It’s also helping bring those native species back to the park.

Montreal police investigate assault on Jewish man as a hate crime

Investigators are seeking two suspects wanted for robbery and armed assault, after they tried to grab a rolled-up Israeli flag from a man in Westmount and then hit him with a stick.

New harmonized transit fares announced for Montreal and off-island

The regional transport authority for the Montreal area, the ARTM, says it’s working to streamline the multiple byzantine fare systems on its territory, including the upcoming REM electric train, but travelling between Montreal and off-island will still cost commuters extra.

Montreal has 'affordability' crisis but is 'less affected' by housing crisis, minister says

Quebec’s housing minister Andrée Laforest attempted Wednesday to clarify her position that some regions of the province, including Montreal, Laval, Outaouais and Northern Quebec, are ‘less affected’ by the housing crisis. But some housing advocates say the vacancy rate doesn’t give the full picture of how dire the situation is for many families.

New federalist Quebec party to focus on bilingualism, minority rights

The founders of the new Canadian Party of Quebec say they plan to field candidates in the next Quebec provincial election, to fill what they call a "gaping void" in Quebec politics when it comes to minority rights, including anglophone language rights.

Quebec students feel 'betrayed' by lack of climate education

Students in a sustainable campus class at John Abbott College in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Que., say all students in the province should be taking core courses on climate change — and teachers need to learn, too.

More opossums popping up on Montreal's South Shore

Didelphis virginiana, the marsupial commonly known as the North American or Virginia opossum, normally lives mostly in the United States, Mexico and Central America and a few southern regions of Canada. But thanks to climate change, it may be coming to a backyard near you.

Notre-Dame Street merchants reach construction compromise with Sud-Ouest borough

Some Montreal merchants who were upset about planned water main repair work on a stretch of Notre-Dame Street West in Little Burgundy, are hoping their summer terrasse season can be salvaged, now that the Sud-Ouest borough has tweaked its schedule to wrap construction a bit early.

Supreme Court hears arguments on Quebec City mosque shooter's sentence

Following a hearing Thursday, Canada's top court will now decide how long the gunman who opened fire in a Quebec City mosque should remain in prison without a chance of parole, in a case that could redefine sentencing limits for the most serious crimes in Canada.