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Ainslie MacLellan is a journalist at CBC Montreal. Follow her on Twitter: @CBCAinslie.

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Many Mount Royal trails remain closed for ice storm cleanup

Six weeks after the freezing rain that hit southern Quebec, hundreds of fallen or hanging branches are still strewn throughout the forest on Mount Royal, forcing the closures of all secondary trails. Daybreak's Ainslie MacLellan takes a walk on the mountain with Antonin St-Jean, head of conservation for Les Amis de la Montagne

New hyper-local markets offer residents fresh produce grown in their own borough

Residents of Mercier–Hochelaga–Maisonneuve will soon be able to buy fruits and vegetables grown in their own neighbourhood. Daybreak's Ainslie MacLellan looks at how community organizations are trying to address food insecurity by growing a hyper-local food system from the ground up.

Concordia scientists developing nutritious yeast that could grow in space

Daybreak's Ainslie MacLellan takes us to a lab at Concordia University, where a team of researchers is trying to engineer a nutrient-packed strain of baker's yeast that could help feed astronauts on long missions. The team is one of four Canadian finalists in the Deep Space Food Challenge launched by the Canadian Space Agency and NASA.

Montreal transit authority responding to more overdoses in Metro stations

As community organizations sound the alarm about the spread of fentanyl through Montreal’s street drug supply, authorities in the city’s metro stations are responding to an increase in overdoses.

Supervised injection site CACTUS Montréal to cut hours despite rise in fentanyl overdoses

Montreal’s largest supervised drug consumption site is preparing to reduce its services as of April 1 due to a funding shortfall, prompting fears of more deadly fentanyl overdoses. Public health says budgets have actually increased but vows to work with organizations.

Growing veggies with greenhouses made from repurposed car shelters

Daybreak's Ainslie MacLellan takes us to a greenhouse made out of a temporary car shelter. It's part of a project by Carrefour Solidaire, a local community food organization, to grow leafy greens year round.

How the Sainte-Rose neighbourhood is coping with tragedy and grief

Daybreak's Ainslie MacLellan spoke with people in the neighbourhood when a city bus drove into a daycare, killing two children and injuring six others. They share how they are processing the horrific event and talking to their own children about what happened.

Disabled DDO woman says her tempo gives her freedom. The city says it must come down

Charlotte Gibson is fighting more than $13,000 in fines and wants an exemption from the city so she can keep her car sheltered beneath the tempo.

Sounds like science fiction? How Montreal researchers are 3D printing using sound waves

Printing a medical device directly into a patient's body sounds impossible, but a group of Montreal researchers say it could be feasible in the future thanks to a new technology they've developed called direct sound printing.

How drones and AI could help stem the spread of a plant invading Quebec parks

A Montreal researcher is using drones and artificial intelligence to try to map the spread of a plant that is threatening local biodiversity: the common reed.