Goodbye Asbestos, hello Val-des-Sources: Que. town changing infamous name

As officials looked to transition the town away from having the name of a toxic mineral, voters were also given the options of L'Azur-des-Cantons, Jeffrey-sur-le-Lac and Larochelle.

Town council must still submit name to province for approval, with hopes process will be completed by December

Officials in Asbestos, Que., announced plans to change the town's name last year. (Radio-Canada)

After nearly half the town's population voted on a new moniker, Asbestos, Que., is starting the process to change its name to Val-des-Sources.

"We are living in a truly historic moment," says the town's mayor, Hugues Grimard, in a statement issued Monday.

As officials looked to transition the town away from the name of a toxic mineral, voters also had the option of choosing L'Azur-des-Cantons, Jeffrey-sur-le-Lac or Larochelle.

Nearly 2,800 residents cast their votes between Oct. 14 to 18.

An extraordinary council meeting was then held Monday to make it official with a vote by municipal politicians.

The next step is to send a resolution to the Commission de toponymie, a provincial body that makes place names official. The commission will have 60 days to give its opinion of the new name, the town's statement says.

Once the commission has evaluated Val-des-Sources, the municipality will request an official name change from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

That's when citizens will be able to challenge the name, by submitting their opposition to the ministry before a decision is made final.

If all goes smoothly, the name will officially change in December, the statement says.