Anglo of the Day: David Felker

David Felker helps bridge cultural and linguistic divides on the football field with les Carcajou de la Baie des Chaleurs.
David Felker says he was able to learn French thanks to the football team he coaches. (CBC)

Bridging cultural and linguistic divides on the football field.

For David Felker, 35, coaching a juvenile football team has been more helpful in his learning of the French language that he could have ever imagined.

Felker coaches les Carcajou de la Baie des Chaleurs, a team made up of teenagers from various linguistic backgrounds  - whether it’s French, English or Mi’kmaq - who teach each other new things every day.

"I can honestly say that a bunch of teenagers taught me French and it’s probably why I say a lot more words that I’m not supposed to but it’s an education," he said.

"You are educating each other on your own culture. Between the parents, youth and the coaches, we’ve all learned a lot from each other."

Felker, who also works as the director of the economic development organization (CEDEC) in New Carlisle, says that football has no barriers.

"Everybody’s sort of on the same page regardless of where you come from in life," he said.

Felker says the interactions extend off the football field. He often sees the kids getting together outside of practice and school to hang out.

"It’s an exciting dynamic to see that interaction between the cultures, the languages and the kids," he said.