Anglo of the Day: Carole Leonardo

Carole Leonardo's sisters and brothers went to French school but she went to English and she says it's a decision she wish her parents hadn't made.
Carole Leonardo shares her story of growing up anglophone in Montreal. (CBC)

Carole Leonardo currently lives in Laval. She shares her story about being an anglophone who is not completely at ease with writing in French.

I was born and raised in Montreal. My brothers and sisters went to French school but I went to English school and what a mistake that was! I've paid the price of my parents' mistake all my life.

When I had my children, I made sure I sent them to French school even though I had permission from the government to send them to English school. I didn't want them to go through all the crap I've had to go through most of my life.

To this day, 50-plus years later, I am still having a tough time finding work because my written French is not ‘perfect’ enough. Very much like most of our doctors who left many years ago because their written French wasn't ‘perfect’ because we don't meet the criteria of the "office de la langue francaise".

I was an excellent secretary to a vice president back in the ‘70s but I can't even be a receptionist nowadays here in Quebec. It's very frustrating!

Most of the people I went to high school with left the province in 1976 (need I say more) but I've stuck it out.

If I didn't have two daughters that live here and a granddaughter on the way, I would definitely leave Quebec.

I'm fed up of the ‘separation’ issue coming up all the time. Why can't everyone just be bilingual and just get along after all these years? I grew up in Dorval and we were bilingual in my family and in my community. I wish things could be like that again.

Carole Leonardo sent her story through OurNews! What about you? What is your story of being an anglophone in Quebec?