Angela Mancini re-elected English Montreal School Board chair

Incumbent Angela Mancini has been re-elected as head of the English Montreal School Board, beating out Anne Lagacé Dowson by almost 4,000 votes.

Voter turnout for EMSB election at 21%, up compared to 2007

Angela Mancini was re-elected chair of the English Montreal School Board. (CBC)

Incumbent Angela Mancini has hung onto her role as the English Montreal School Board chair.

Mancini, who has had the job since 2007, won with 11,069 votes.

Anne Lagacé Dowson followed with 7,086 votes.

Voter turnout for the EMSB was up this year, at about 21 per cent.

The EMSB vote was a neck-and-neck battle early on, with Mancini pulling ahead only around 11 p.m. ET.

Mancini said she's happy with the way things turned out.

"I think turnout has been tremendous. I think it's shown that the English community is behind our school boards, and I think that's a good message to send to our minister," she said. 

Mancini's team won 8 of the 10 seats on the school board.

The other two seats went to team Lagacé Dowson and an independent.

The election campaign was mired in controversy. Many English voters were left off the voters' list. Others arrived at polling stations to discover a line-up of 100 people in front of them.